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You’re Queer! You’re a Bigot! Have a Nice Day. See You Tomorrow.

I do spend quite a bit of time talking about and discussing issues relating to homosexual and transgender people. Because of this some may confuse me with a conservative. What I mean by that is that my reasons for discussing this issue, for stating my opinions concerning their causation, is not to say that I want to force these people into a certain lifestyle. My perspective on these issues is one of intellect and liberty. You will notice that none of the articles about these things talk about morality or religion. I feel strongly that a person has a right to object to any behavior they wish on the grounds of their religion, of course they do, but I do not feel they have a right to legislate the behavior of others in order to force them to conform with their religion. But that doesn’t mean they can’t preach their religion.

In the story below a family was sitting at a restaurant eating. Their discussion turned to a family member who was gay. The family expressed their dismay. They said they would pray for Jesus to heal their gay family member of his gayness.

A lesbian at the next table overheard their conversation. She says in the article that she decided not to make a scene. Rather, she would act like Jesus and pay for their meal, leaving a note on their receipt. The note read, “Happy holidays from the very gay, very liberal table sitting next to you. Jesus made me this way. P.S. Be accepting of your family.”

On the one side you have a Christian family concerned about a family member. They see that family member living in distress because they are breaking a commandment for their religion. Because they love that family member he is clearly in their thoughts and they decide to pray for them.

On the other side you have a Christian lesbian who doesn’t see homosexuality as a violation of any commandment. She thinks Jesus made her that way, because of which she explicitly assumes he approves of homosexuality. She urges acceptance.

Though you or I may have moral objections to either side of this exchange, could get indignant by some thought or behavior of family members or lesbian eavesdropper, the fact is, this exchange was healthy in terms of liberty. Each side had their ideas, their morality, and at the end of the day neither side tried to force anything. One was praying, the other preaching on a receipt. No laws, no rights violated. She was offended by what she heard, and though the story doesn’t say I’m guessing they were offended by her presumptions.

My objections on this issue stem largely from the fact that while this woman just wrote, “be accepting” there are those who think that passing a law equals acceptance. The only thing a law does is take away someone else’s rights and force them to remain silent about how they really think and feel. This doesn’t grow acceptance, it breeds contempt and anger. One thing about the American psyche that opponents always seem to underestimate, or ignore, is the fact that Americans will not be placed under the thumb and any attempt to do so will result in an angry backlash.

If you don’t agree with something someone else is doing and that behavior doesn’t violate the rights of others, have a conversation about it, don’t pass a law. Forcing someone isn’t a victory anyway, you haven’t actually changed their mind. That takes persuasion, kindness, love, and humility. Something I see lacking on both sides in this discussion. It’s a topic on which I have strong opinions and I will voice them and what I say will (and has) made people angry but I don’t think I should pass a law to stop them from doing what they are doing. And really, that won’t stop them. It will just turn them into criminals because they are going to do what they are going to do anyway.

Natalie Woods was eating at Snuffer’s Restaurant and Bar in Addison, Texas, when she overheard a family talking about how ‘disgusted’ they were with their ‘liberal’ nephew after he came out as gay.

Source: Queer woman pays for one family’s dinner and leaves message of acceptance | Daily Mail Online

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