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Why is the left so angry? Here’s one reason

There are many reasons the left is angry. Or at least many reasons they say they are angry. Personally I think the primary reason is their false sense of fairness. Most adults know that in the sense that leftists mean it, life isn’t fair. We’re okay with that because we have the intellect to understand why.

Equality of justice, is something to be fought for and taught. It’s also something that can be achieved. Equality of justice is simple, all people are under the same law and have the same rights. For the most part America does really well with this.

Equality of substance, known as “substantial or substantive equality” is impossible and highly unHomedesirable. Yet it’s what the the left wants. They want an equality of outcome. It doesn’t take long for a person to figure out what’s wrong with that.

I don’t actually want a huge house, a pool, or a super fancy car. I’m happy with a burrow by a pond. Because of this I don’t look at the 1% and compare myself to them. That’s not the life I want. Because I’m an adult I understand that their riches aren’t controlling my finances. My desires are.

Don't compare pineapple pens to oranges

Desires without work are just wishes

There’s a difference between a desire and a wish. Desire denotes a real longing or craving and not just a passive preference or fleeting feeling. It’s not a wish but rather a direction of hope for the future. Under capitalism a person can work toward their desires and be motivated by them. Under that kind of system people have the greatest chance of success. But, there is also the greatest chance for failure.

Failure can be used by the man of desires to analyze the source of that failure and make adjustments. For others failure invites comparison. Rather than figure out why they failed they compare themselves to others who have succeeded where they failed. Not a comparison of the means of their success but rather the outcome. They either can’t achieve the same outcome, or won’t work hard enough to do so. The can’t part of that equation is due to a skills deficit. They simply don’t have the skills. This can often be overcome with learning and practice. The won’t part has to do with personality. Not always laziness but either that or a lack of drive. As I said, desire is more than just a passing wish so if someone lacks the desire to succeed they aren’t likely to. Unable or unwilling to work harder but still wishing for the outcome the sad leftist compares what they have to what the other person has and sits and wishes for it. Pining away they stew and get anger but not achieving anything they desire.

The quality of life we have is proportional to the variety of opportunities and the amount of freewill we have to explore them. Are you the kind of person who gets stuck behind a slow vehicle on the freeway and thinks, “please get out of my way so I can go where I need to go” or are you the kind of person who goes slow on the freeway and says, “no one should be going faster than me anyway”? That latter is the mindset that plagues leftists. They desire everyone to be limited to a potential that matches rather than be free to explore their own. Often because they don’t have the drive to or skill to reach the levels others have.

I wish a lot of things, but I’m mature enough to know that wishes get me nothing. I can wish to speak a second language but unless I put in the work, the hard work well, nunca pasará. A person can wish to be thing, but unless they do something about it they never will be. If you wish to be like the 1%, that wish won’t get you there. But if you desire to be and you are given an environment of liberty and a variety of choices on how to get there then you just might make it.

I say just might and not will because life just doesn’t work that way. There are only so many “bests” in the world. There are only so many people ever who are going to be the best.

what if wishes

The universe isn’t against you. You live on a planet with the resources to succeed. You can call it God or you can call it cosmic luck but the fact is we live on a planet that makes life and living possible. If you live in a place like America you live in a place on that planet with the greatest variety. Stop wishing and exercise your will in a way that promotes your desires to achieve. If you don’t have them, if all you have is wishes, then be honest enough with yourself to know, you’re never going to be the next big thing. If you look at someone who is and you get mad at them for their success and feel that life isn’t fair and they are a bad person for not sharing with you, then you’re just a baby and  a jerk who needs to grow up, stop wishing, and get to work instead of comparing yourself and your situation to others. You aren’t like them and they aren’t like you.

The only thing the left gets out of comparing themselves to others is anger and heartbreak. This stems from jealousy.

Jealousy and frustration are the fruits of comparing yourself to others. The leftists love to talk about the 1% and what’s fair. They call it greed when someone wants to keep their money and fairness when they want to take that money from them in the name of equality.

This is the result of them comparing their life to someone else’s. One of the greatest tenants of liberty is the freedom for you to do you. Meaning do what makes you happy. You rob yourself of liberty and happiness when you compare yourself to others. You become a prisoner to their standards and not your own, you become a prisoner to your own jealousy.

Instead, the healthy thing to do is compare yourself to yourself and to your desires. No two people are alike. Even those with similar desires won’t be exactly the same as you. I like the expression, “you do you”. Of course that requires that you know who you are. That takes introspection and introspection takes work. For someone already showing signs they don’t want to work towards their desires it’s not likely they are going to make the effort to know themselves. Knowing yourself is actually extremely difficult and requires a level of brutal honestly that makes many people uncomfortable. But I think that should be a person’s first step when assessing their desires and what it means to be you.

You doing you also requires that you let them do them. Truth is, they are none of your business and you have to face that truth along with the fact that they never knew you existed in the first place.

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