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When the State Takes Care of You the State Owns You

they don't vote for freedomIn North Korea people starve because the state doesn’t give them enough food but the state also doesn’t allow them to do what’s needed to make or get their own food. This isn’t new and that’s important to always remember. This is how it happened in the Soviet Union and how it’s happening in Venezuela. It always happens this way. It’s one thing for an army to come in and take away your freedom but quite another to give it up willingly. The Soviet Union came to pass through death and force, same with North Korea, but Venezuela is a country that voted themselves into subjection. For decades countries all over the world have been slowly following this path. We see it in the European Union and sadly in America as well.

They vote for cashThey didn’t see it that way of course. They thought they were going to get help that they desperately needed or at least passionately wanted. They were told that the government would take care of their needs.

It’s important to explore why people think that. On the surface it isn’t complicated. The government is big and powerful. They take where they want and give where they want. They promise to take all around and give all around so that the taking is painless and the giving wonderful. “Many hands make light work” right? Under the surface the reasons may be more mixed. For some it may be, as I’ve heard it suggested, people are lazy. Being a leftist is the easy way, the path of least resistance. For others they may be deeply afraid that they won’t succeed, that they may go without or suffer, or that their family members will. All of these are pretty reasonable and expected.

At first things seem to go well. People start by voting help to those people they see are in need. It feels good to help. This comes without realizing that the money they are helping with isn’t their own. It belongs to their friends and neighbors, to their own family members. They also fail to realize that they have authorized the government to take that money. In truth they have no right to feel good. What they’ve done isn’t charity. Charity is voluntary. Especially in America charity happens all the time to the tune of around $385 billion annually.

That’s the motivation of the people. But are they really the ones clamoring for it or are they being prompted to? Are men like Bernie Sanders responding to the voice of the people or creating the voice?

It’s my sad experience that as soon as men get power they want more of it and the more they think they have power the less judiciously they exercise that power. The very worst seem to be those who do so in the name, or under the guise, of fairness. They can justify all sorts of oppression for the greater good.

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