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When it comes to guns it’s the same old thing

This is very much how I feel about the current gun control debate. We’ve done “common sense laws”, we’ve banned types of weapons, we’ve created entire zones where it is illegal to carry a gun. More of that, won’t help. It will simply get us more of what we have been getting.

Depending on which stat you use 92% or 98% of all mass shootings have taken place in gun free zones or other areas where guns are forbidden. That should tell us something. When we talk about what’s going on with guns we often talk about how this problem is new. If new, then what has changed? The creation of a gun free zone is one thing, changes in technology, morality, have also changed. I know this is all something I’ve said before but it makes so much sense to me that it’s time for something different. Not fewer guns, more guns. While everyone seems to be calling for a ban, I’m calling for a lifting of restrictions.

It seems whenever we try to force people it turns out bad. We banned booze, got organized crime, banned drugs, got the cartels, banned guns and got mass shootings. When will we learn to stop trying to control everything or even thinking we can.

My security is my job. I realize that’s easier for me to say than others. I know how to shoot, to fight, and to be aware of my surroundings. Not everyone does. But if at least some people in the group are prepared then not everyone has to be. Right now – in a school – no one is prepared and that’s just not right.

What you've always done will get you what you've always got

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