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Why care what the heck is a species anyway? 

I understand that you may not give much thought to what constitutes a species or how something is considered a different species from something else. There has been a long standing definition but recently some people are trying to change that. As you can well imagine their change isn’t to further define and narrow the parameters to be more exact but, as always seems to be the case with the changing of terms, to broaden it to include more than is currently included. Of course they have a reason for this change which we’ll discuss below.

The article linked below reads, “The common-sense definition has more to do with what the animals look like.” Meaning that they think the current scientific definition isn’t good enough and instead we should use common sense when defining scientific terms.

Using this logic one could argue that blacks are a different species. A disgusting proposition they don’t seem to think about using their common sense. At the same time a fox and a dog which are two different species would be considered the same species because they look alike. And that sounds logical to them?

No, the actual “common sense” definition is the long standing one that they can breed and the offspring can themselves produce viable offspring. That’s a species. Why even bother changing the meaning of species anyway? Remember, leftists love to switch up terms and change meanings. It’s part of their modus operandi. This is most often when they aren’t winning the debate. Changing the terms not only confuses the opposition but allows them to set the meaning of pretty much everything within the debate.

Take the debate on gun control. The leftists change the terms of the debate to mental illness, violence, mass shootings, pretty much anything they can except for debating the actual right to bear arms.

This article is a fine example of twisting science to fit an agenda. An agenda the article is quite clear about. They don’t hide the fact that they are changing this long standing term for a purpose outside of actual science.

“But of course it matters. Because if we can’t decide when a species becomes a species, it means we don’t have a very useful definition of “species.” And if we don’t have a good definition of “species,” then we can’t address issues like preserving biodiversity or saving endangered creatures.”

In order to protect the creatures we need to change science.

“Much of the legislation that protects certain plants and animals depends on defining which species are endangered in the first place. And some creatures are already in danger.”

What they are saying is that a species might not be in danger but if they change the meaning of species then that species is in danger.

Another example is the abuse of the term “Alt Right”, which may be fairly new to most people. It’s a group of folks that consider themselves an alternative to the right wing. They tend to be more right wing so yes, an alternative if you want one. From what I can gather they tend toward being white nationalists. If that sounds like something you would rather stay away from, you aren’t alone. And that’s the point. The left (especially in “journalism”) have started using that term, despite the AP’s style guide stating otherwise, for people who are NOT Alt Right as a means to paint them with the same brush of white nationalism evil.

They’ve particularly turned this against Milo Yiannopoulos who brands himself a “Dangerous Faggot”. To the left he most certainly is dangerous. He’s young, gay, and fearless in the face of their critiques. He doesn’t fit the left’s mold of what a gay millennial should be at all. He’s making inroads into territory the left claims as their own and they don’t like that one bit. So, they brand him Alt Right and point the finger of scorn. Only…he’s not…and he’s not letting them get away with it.

It’s something so simple that would fly under the radar of most people because they just don’t care about what a species is or isn’t. To them a horse is a  horse of course and they don’t need to worry about taxonomic classifications and the left counts on this to force protections under the guise of a lie. Keep your eyes and ears out for changes in terms. It means the ground upon which you have been debating is about to shift under your feet.

Source: What the heck is a species anyway? | Popular Science

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