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What is There to Be Optimistic About?

Often, because of the news of the day and how it is covered we can get the impression that all is woe and sadness and the world is coming to a solid and resolute end. I’m a natural optimist. I say natural because being an optimist is really something a person just is. I’m note sure it’s at all normal. I’m wide-eyed and naive when it comes to the possibilities of humanity. I’ve been told it before that I’m an idealist. Yes, yes I am.

Reasons for Optimism

I do believe that one platypus, one person, can make a difference in the world. I do believe that when we discuss liberty that people who really hear it, understand. They feel it in their bones that what they are hearing is true. Truth exists you know. Objectively. Truth is truth. I don’t care if that truth is found in science or religion, in history or science fiction. Truth is truth. When we share truth, when we seek truth, I believe that truth has a way of signaling the human soul, the vital mind, and the beating heart with its presence. I am here! I am true!

Truth builds, creates, inspires. Truth does not rob the mind or break the soul.

For power men blind others to the truth. They use craftiness and guile to deceive. I seek the truth so that when people who don’t know where to find it are found wondering just where it is, I will have it to share. No man or monotreme can know ALL truth but that should be the goal of his life to give it a darn good try while he holds breath.

I do have hope, and optimism, and faith in humanity, and that – is the truth.

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