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What I think of QAnon

Let us start with this in mind from Ayn Rand, “There’s no way to rule innocent men. The only power any government has is the power to crack down on criminals.” The point being made is a solid one and one that applies well to the subject of this post. Let us move on then to the article (linked below) that inspired this blog post.

The article seems to intentionally cherry pick from Q posts to come up with this definition of the movement, “QAnon is a right-wing conspiracy theory that originally formed around the idea that President Donald Trump is leading a secret war against the “deep state,” a group of political, business and Hollywood elites who, according to the theory, worship Satan and abuse and murder children. These baseless claims emerge from posts by an anonymous user on a fringe internet forum who goes by “Q.””

Q and Platy

I am not so sure “baseless” is the right word. Perhaps “unproven” might be better.

Given some of what we have learned about Hollywood and Washington DC I think perhaps there is some basis for these claims. How much of one remains to be seen. I do think that the article attempts, intentionally, to paint the theory as outlandish and impossible. I will admit that only a short time ago I would have been on that bandwagon of disbelief but we’ve learned some things that have changed my mind. Not fantasies, but realities. Before we get to that let me say what I see the Qanon theory as being, and I will put it in terms less sensational than the article does.

What the theory is, and has been, is that there is a “deep state”.

What is a deep state? That term makes it sound so out there and crazy. If I say to you, there are unelected bureaucrats in government and they, by virtue of not having to be elected, and by virtue of never leaving, have gained the ability to run the government. That sounds less crazy.

The Deep State is  nothing more than the unelected bureaucrats in government and they, not the elected officials, run the day to day activities of government. These people will use their influence to sway politicians, control them, and run things how they feel it should be run. That’s all the deep state is. When put that way I think most of us will see that it isn’t an outrageous idea to believe. In fact, I think in a way that is what they were hired to do. We just didn’t realize that is what they were hired to do, but they realized it very early on. Presidents come and go, but mid-level administrators are forever.

What about the other claims? The really crazy ones?

When we use the word “pedophile” people have an automatic reaction just to the word. It is highly taboo and people get uncomfortable just hearing it, let alone discussing it at length. Again, this word is likely used because it is extreme. We must understand that not everyone who has sex with a child is a pedophile. Even saying that likely has some of you upset and screaming at the screen, “Of course it does! you stupid Ornithorhynchus anatinus!” I must maintain this thinking though. Let me explain by using a less extreme example. Not every woman, who has sex with another woman, is a lesbian. What you do in the sorority house is one thing, but boys are still in the mix. Not every man who has sex with a man is a homosexual. We know this is true and it would be absurd to argue otherwise. The reason for this is because those words mean something specific.

Pedophile also has a specific meaning.

What I think happens in Hollywood is that the powerful producer or actor will have sex with whomever is available. This does not mean they specifically are attracted only men, women, or children. They powerful people abusing their power in whatever way is available to them. By using the taboo word people are less likely to believe what they hear. But just like explaining that the Deep State is nothing more than people doing their job we find it easier to believe that someone in Hollywood is just having sex with whomever they can. They aren’t targeting children, but are targeting men, women, and children. If we are to believe what has been said about Weinstein we have been told that men were also his targets, not just women, and some say children as well. Or take an example from longer ago, that of Roman Polanski. He was accused of sex with a minor but he certainly didn’t focus on minors only. He would do drugs with people then have sex with them. What group they were in mattered less than the fact that they were present. Woody Allen has been accused of abusing children, but he also has sex with adults. I think you get the point. It is more about opportunity and satisfaction of the sexual drive than an attraction to children. These people will have sex with whomever, they just want the sex.

Though there is this idea that the deep state protects pedophiles I think more to the truth is that they use the activities to blackmail the politicians and Hollywood-types. They don’t turn a blind eye, they just agree not to report it in exchange for whatever they need. This, to me, is also not hard to believe, especially in light of Epstein and his island. It is easy to believe that Epstein provided an opportunity for sex and in exchange for his silence he got rich and powerful from favors. Again, saying that people doing wrong things are being blackmailed is a lot easier to believe than an entire sub-culture that promotes something so taboo. The result is the same, but the idea more palatable and less conspiratorial in tone.

How we explain things matters.

Those who want to maintain things how they are, covered and beneath the public view, will use words they know will make the truth sound far fetched. They don’t want people to believe it because if people believe it they will ask that something be done about it. Then all those who have been a part of it fear for their power, fear the jail cell, fear the inevitable “suicide” thrust upon them.

I believe that when Trump said he planned to “drain the swamp” there was genuine fear on the part of the people we are talking about. Though they have a great deal of power the power of the president is more visible and thus much more difficult to counter.

If Trump is not guilty then they cannot control him.

He cannot be bribed or manipulated. If he is not interested in money or power they cannot tempt him with these things. He then becomes the most dangerous man in Washington, one with power, actual power, that he does not wish to abuse. I think that this is the main reason they want his tax returns. They think there is something there that they can then use to discredit him and control him with. They are seeking to find where he is guilty and thus control the guilty man. Sometimes, it isn’t necessary for the man to be guilty to control him, he only need look guilty.

Conclusion: How we say something matters.

As you know I am not a conspiracy theories. I generally loath them and disbelieve them. Sometimes though they fall into the category of – they are false, until they aren’t – and I think that is the case with Qanon.

We have seen the evidence with Weinstein and Epstein and seen how FISA was abused, how members of the FBI manipulated things, how a false dossier was used, and how a man (Michael Flynn) was tricked and pleaded guilty when he didn’t’ need to at all but did so to protect his family, how an entire impeachment was founded on lies and broken policies in partial secret. The evidence is there to believe in the Deep State and to believe that forces have combined to remove Trump from office. These things seem reasonable to me – reasonable. How do they seem to you?


The preliminary results of an investigation by Facebook shed new light on the scope of activity and content from the QAnon community on the platform.

Source: QAnon groups have millions of members on Facebook, documents show

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