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What About Africa?

The below linked article states that climate change is destroying Africa and killing millions of Africans via drought and famine.

This is nothing new.

Drought and famine have been problems across parts of Africa for my entire life. I will agree with one thing this article states, don’t expect to hear about it on the nightly news. Not anymore. When I was young I would frequently see stories and commercials about Africa and the problems of famine and drought there. It isn’t man-made global warming that is causing Africa’s problems. They’ve existed for a very, very long time. The real point of the article, in my opinion is found in this paragraph, “Thus, the long history of colonial-era expropriation, exploitation, and theft echoes loudly in this new dispensation, in which the sectors of humanity that profited the least from industrialization suffer the most from its environmental impacts.”

I will say, this is one area where I do tend to agree with the left.

Africa has been poorly dealt with by the west. We have made some attempt in the last 40 or 50 years to do better, but we really have not. We have the potential, if we desired it, to really and substantively help Africans. When I say “we” I suppose I don’t just mean America, this is really true of any industrialized nation. I know some of you will say that it’s not our job to help Africa. That US tax dollars shouldn’t be spent on another nation. I grant you that.

America can help Africa without the American government. The only thing the governments of the world need to do is get out-of-the-way and let people help. But there has always been one obstacle in the way – Africans. Not all Africans of course, but some. The warlords and thugs that have risen to tribal power or national prominence through force. They have always taken the money meant to help, or taken the food, or clothing meant to help. Perhaps Americans have grown wary of helping Africans because they have been asked for so long to help and no substantial change has taken place as a result.

I think there is one thing that Africa needs more than anything else.

I think that is industrialization and capitalism. If Americans really want to help Africa then build in Africa, manufacture in Africa. We are talking about a vast continent with all the resources it could ever need to grow prosperous. But it hasn’t. We can sit around an argue about why that is all we want and it won’t change anything. Saying it is because of colonization, or IQ scores, or the tribal system, or whatever excuse one wants to make isn’t going to life Africa out of its problems. But industrialization will.

But that requires unity and cooperation.

This is why I think perhaps Africans have been their own worst enemies. It’s a place that is similar in many ways to Afghanistan in terms of cultures – highly tribal. Such a structure by its very nature can only grow so large before it becomes unwieldy. Parts of Africa are very prosperous and modern. I know that. But even so they are not on par with the western world.

I would like to see Africa changed and helped. I would like to see Africa prosper.

Why? That’s a good question. There’s nothing in it for me and likely nothing in it for America. Sometimes there doesn’t have to be. Sometimes we just want to see people who are put upon or find themselves in hard times get ahead and get out from under the burdens and succeed. My desire to see Africa do well is just an extension of my desire to see all people do well.

But don’t expect to hear about it on the nightly news.

Source: Climate Change Is Here—and It Looks Like Starvation

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