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We must get rid of gun free school zones

According to the Crime Prevention Research Center, “gun free zones” (areas where guns are prohibited) have been the target of more than 98% of all mass shootings. I am sure back in 1990 when the law was create, with the much sought after bipartisan effort (Biden’s bill which Bush signed) that the idea was safety. But so often the government’s action live within the laws of unintended consequences. With government that means that pretty much whatever it is they are trying to do, the exact opposite will actually occur.

Obamacare was said to make healthcare more affordable, instead it made it more expensive, and Gun Free School Zones, meant to protect kids has harmed them. It’s a bad law that makes it illegal to protect yourself and signals to the criminals just where they can go and meet the least resistance. To me this is what kids should be ditching school to march for.
Getting rid of guns is an illusion. Perhaps they can’t comprehend of the number 300,000,000 and what it means or perhaps they are so naive that they think a ban will magically mean no guns – just like it meant no drugs – but that’s not right.
Safety doesn’t come from removing all harm, because that’s impossible. safety comes from insulating against harm and destroying the source of the harm when possible. Mankind couldn’t get rid of the heat and cold so we created clothing, we couldn’t manage the claws of the saber tooth so we created the spear. Perhaps the gun is nothing but a weapon of war but we have yet to get rid of those who would enslave us and take our rights or come into our places of refuge and learning and murder. 
The second amendment was to guarantee that we could protect ourselves. Gun free school zones guarantee that we can’t. It’s a law that makes it certain that only lawbreakers have the guns.
Columbine Screenshot
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