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Voter ID Requirements Makes Sense

This is a great video. I’ve seen it before but watched it again because it still stuns me. Some people think that black people and people in other minority groups are either too stupid, too uneducated, or too unresourceful to obtain a valid state identification.

The video shows some cherry picked whites giving the pat leftist answers about why we can’t have voter ID laws. In case you haven’t heard the argument it’s centered around the “fact” that minorities just don’t have access to facilities where the ID cards are obtained. Maybe they are too poor to drive or take a bus. Maybe they don’t understand the complex process of standing in line to get an ID. It’s crazy to think that people actually believe this way but they do. I also think this is an example of how a leftist idea, pushed by those with an agenda, gets accepted as fact by followers without them ever really thinking through the logistics of what they are saying. That blacks can’t get an ID is unreasonable to believe and the second half of the video talks to blacks and asks how they feel about the very notion and asks, “do you have an ID?” SPOILER: they do.

Why are we having this argument at all?

For me the answer to that question is simple one group of people, those who do not support showing ID for voting, want to cheat the system and have people vote who shouldn’t be. Either because they are from out of district, are voting more than once, or they are the living dead risen from the grave to cast one more Democrat vote before shuffling off to Hades.

We can accept at face value their stated reason which is that poor people and minorities can’t get identification cards but that excuse is such an insanely stupid way of thinking that I can’t accept it. I’m being sincere. I have thought about this. I accept that perhaps the handicapped or the elderly are unable to obtain an ID under certain circumstances. However, even in those cases they need ID cards to obtain government services that each group can rely on. The poor are able to get Obama-phones, food stamps, disability checks, and more, all that require identification to obtain. Given that fact I can’t believe that such couldn’t show the ID they already have for other services when they go to vote.

That said, anyone who is elderly or handicapped who can make it down to the voting booth has already found a means to get around so they could use those same means to get an identification card.

Things you need ID for

The below cartoon is a dishonest portrayal.

The first panel is a veteran in combat gear the second is him not being able to vote because of voter laws. Though it doesn’t say the assumption is that this is because he’s black. Does the artist really expect us to believe that he could find the recruiting station, fill out all the paperwork, make it through boot camp, serve for years, survive combat, but not get an ID when he gets home? Or not use is veteran ID card that he would use for medical services given to veterans? Because – well – black people can do a lot of things but getting ID cards isn’t one of them.

Can't Vote Here

If they really, honestly, believe that they are just ignorant. I don’t believe that they believe. I think instead they don’t want voting to require any identification because they want to bus people in, they want to alleviate any work on the part of the voter. They just want them to show up, anywhere, anytime, and cast their vote for the candidate they are told to vote for.

It’s not that they think that black people are stupid so much as they hope they are.

When I boil it down there are only a couple of choices:

They don’t believe it at all and they are trying to cheat the system so that voting can be defrauded more easily.

They believe what they are saying about the poor and minorities which reveals the fact they think they are smarter and better and need to be the ones that guide the poor. I am not saying they are conscious of this. They may or may not be. Some may honestly think that blacks need their help to get ID cards.

For me, this is less an issue about voting and more about the kind of government we have. Voter fraud does exist, we’ve caught people at it. Actual statistics show that it isn’t a big problem but then that ignores the possibility that we just aren’t catching them at it. Given the fact that ID’s aren’t required we must admit that it might be a bigger problem than we know. That’s why people push to get voter ID laws. The fact that the left pushes back so hard against such laws might be them tipping their hand about the extent of the fraud.

However, when I say my concern is about the kind of government we have that’s still not what I mean. I mean to indicate that I don’t want the kind of government that thinks it has to coddle people, take care of them, and most certainly I don’t want the kind of government that sees its people as too stupid and incompetent to get an ID card. I don’t want a government that thinks it’s better than the people it serves. I don’t want a government that looks down on people and sees itself as elite in any way.

The people in government represent us. They are servants of the people. They aren’t acting like it and that’s a problem.

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