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Violence, intolerance, humanity, and the border

As I have clearly stated over and over, I’m in favor of building a wall and I’m in favor of immigration reform and a strong set of criteria for citizenship or extended stay in the country for work or school. However, there is nothing in this stance that should ever be taken to mean I’m against immigrants or have the slightest hing of xenophobia. I don’t.

The below linked article points out a 60 year or so history of increased conflict relating to the border. I think very much this is fear driven. People toss around words like, “invasion” to refer to typical immigrants entering the country. I’ve used that word in relation to the large groups that have headed our way but those groups were turned back with tear gas and lost steam before they ever got here.

Border Wall

I refuse to buy into the propaganda and poorly thought out rhetoric that calls it an invasion.

Words have multiple definitions and I do realize that there are forms of that word that do fit.

For example, “an incursion by a large number of people or things into a place or sphere of activity.” To see if that meaning fits we have to know the meaning of the word “incursion”. That word means, “an invasion or attack, especially a sudden or brief one.” Most certainly illegal immigration hasn’t been sudden, nor brief.

Another meaning of the word invasion is, “an instance of invading a country or region with an armed force.” Clearly that hasn’t happened so we can rule that out as well.

Finally invasion can mean, “an unwelcome intrusion into another’s domain.” That one certain might fit. I say might because it relies on the word, “unwelcome” which means that we are talking about personal opinion and emotion rather than an objective point of view. You can FEEL like it’s an invasion, but that doesn’t make it one.

So if it isn’t an invasion – why call it one?

Because – propaganda.

Because – fear.

Because – Humans.

The other day we were having this discussion on Facebook and when I pointed out that they weren’t invaders and that calling immigrants (illegal or otherwise) invaders was just propaganda they person on the other end of the conversation presented me with this as proof that it wasn’t propaganda.


Yes, that’s right, they presented me with what amounts to a propaganda poster.

I pointed that out and they said it was not propaganda! It was an “informational meme”. I had to laugh a bit at that. Propaganda by any other name still smells so stinky.

I agree that we should “know the difference” between immigrants and invaders. It’s clear that many people don’t know the difference. Filling that vacuum of knowledge becomes an easy task for those with an agenda. The agenda, in this case is to instill the same fear they have, the same hatred, in others. That’s why I say above that it is about being human. This argument has been going on for time out of mind. It’s one of the major themes of the bible and other religious texts and the history books are filled with it. The Old Testament is written from the point of view of the Hebrews but sometimes I try to think of the story from the perspective of the Canaanites. People see this history and they believe there is a very real chance that it will repeat itself where the Mexicans play the role of the Hebrews and America is the hapless Canaanite nation.

Fact is – and yes it is a fact – immigrants work.

They work hard. They contribute to our economy and to the communities that they live in. They aren’t here to free-load or invade. They are here to live. Where they were living – SUCKS! Where we live – doesn’t.

I’m not ignorant to the problems of immigration though and that is why I am in favor of a wall. I’m in favor of a sound immigration policy that is strongly and properly enforced. I can hold that view without having to fear immigrants and can make a rational case in favor of it without having to resort to propaganda and scare tactics to get people on my side.

It’s not an invasion. It’s a problem. But not an invasion and not a national emergency.



Source: How violent American vigilantes at the border led to Trump’s wall | US news | The Guardian

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