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Two-thirds of Americans worry Trump will drag U.S. into a new war

There aren’t many wars left to fight.

America is spread out pretty much all over the world. We could go to war with Russia and we could go to war with North Korea. There are a few nations we aren’t fighting after all. We haven’t exactly been picky it seems.

America has been at war, active, bombs and boots kind of war, for the last 37 years or so. A Bush went into Iraq, A Clinton bombed:¬†Somalia, Yugoslavia, Bosnia, Haiti, ,Croatia, ,Zaire, Liberia, Albania, Sudan, Afghanistan, Iraq, Yugoslavia, and Yemen. Another Bush went to war with Afghanistan and Iraq. Obama continued that war and included Syria and Libya and likely others I’m forgetting. Obama, that beloved by the left president dropped over 26,000 bombs in just 2016 alone. His presidency was a constant bombardment of other nations while tucking himself to sleep at night with his Nobel Peace Prize under his pillow.

From whence come wars and fightings among you?

But Trump, now that’s someone to worry about!

I realize that moaning “what about?” never seems to do any good whatsoever with the left. They don’t care what came before and hypocrisy doesn’t exist in their eyes. To them, whatever they do is okay and whatever others do isn’t even if the left did it before.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m in that two-thirds group. I am worried that Trump will get us into a new war. Not with Russia but rather with North Korea in a joint effort with China. I worry that rather than unify the North and South like the fall of the USSR unified Berlin that North Korea will end up fully annexed by China. As a result South Korea will be in real danger. Only a guess, only a worry. Perhaps I am totally off base.

We live in a world where the largest percentage of the population has never known peace.

We seem to roll on from war to war to war.

A nations must defend itself. That is the prime directive for any society. It is the reason, first and foremost, that men gather. In that regard I am for a strong military and accept gladly my tax money going to defense. But defense is not the same as war.

When a person uses the term “anti-war” in America it has a bad connotation. That’s because the hippies of the 60’s were such an unpopular bunch and are now viewed by most Americans as a bit of an embarrassment. The visual and marketing tactics of the hippies were such that they tainted the message itself. Not only that but tainted the entire idea of being against a war to the point that people now see being anti-war as being against America and being especially against the men and women who serve in the armed services.

Many on the left certainly are those things. However, there is what I hope is a much larger group of people who love America and American servicemen but hate war. People who express their love by a desire to not use American blood and treasure needlessly.

I’ve never heard a single exceptional reason why we are currently engaged around the world beyond the vague and generalized “to protect our freedom.” How exactly does bombing all these other countries protect our freedoms? We have not been invaded. The attacks we have suffered were not from an army or even a government. In a very real sense we went to war against a thought. The real fight against terror isn’t in the field. It’s at home. Strap a side arm on. Get to know your neighbors. Do those two things and you will be equipped to defend against terrorism.

I’m not anti-war in the sense that I think we should never fight a war under any circumstances whatsoever. That’s a fairy tale. But we don’t have to fight a war against an enemy that doesn’t really have a chance against us.

I worry we have enough going on at home that we are just being distracted abroad.


As President Donald Trump calls for a military buildup and looks to shake up existing U.S. alliances, 66 per cent of Americans say they are worried about getting into a new war during his first term.

Source: Two-thirds of Americans worry Trump will drag U.S. into a new war

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