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Trump, Putin, and Turning Foes to Friends

Trump is being accused of committing treason by having a friendly meeting with Putin.

The – what has become normal – political screams are out now that Trump has met with Putin. One thing I find interesting, and a bid odd, is the lament that Trump didn’t “stand up to Putin”. This is odd on two fronts to me. First is the fact that they actually don’t know if that is true or not. Much of their meeting was closed. They are assuming that because Trump said nice things in public, and because he didn’t take Putin to task in public that he didn’t bring up anything in their meeting he had concerns about.

“”On the world’s stage, in front of the entire globe, the President of the United States essentially capitulated and seems intimidated by Vladimir Putin. So it was amazing and very, very disturbing,’ Clapper said on CNN Monday afternoon. ” If he had gone in any other way they most surely would have said he was undiplomatic and not suited to be president. But when he is diplomatic he capitulates. There is a balance to be had between diplomacy and demands. I don’t know if Trump met that or not as I do not know what they really talked about.

“He spoke out as John McCain labeled Trump’s press conference ‘one of the most disgraceful performances by an American president in history’, and other Republicans also joined the criticism, with Paul Ryan saying: ‘Russia is not our ally.'” Sure – but how do you expect Russia to become our ally? It starts with a meeting during which you publicly say nice things. President Reagan made incredible strides with the USSR through summits and relationship building at a time with the soviets were considered the biggest threat to the continued existence of the human race and life on planet earth. The USSR was the global warming of its day.

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Reagan had this philosophy that you talk to people, not about them.

The left, the media, the Democrats, the never-Trump Republicans, they all had this idea that this meeting was something that it wasn’t.

To the media it was their chance to ask the hard questions of the two men at the heart of their Russia-elected-Trump narrative. They asked and got nowhere. In fact Putin seemed amused that they even considered it a reality. That’s a guess on my part of course. But his facial expression when asked about it was one of genuine amusement as if to say – how stupid are you? The Republicans saw Trump as meeting with the enemy. They seemed sure he was going to sell the US off to the Soviets. Only, they don’t exist anymore.

Russia has a long way to go yet. But it’s a new nation in terms of its current political state. Putin is a man with power, used to power. His kind will soon all be dead. And when that cycle ends, the cycle of ex-soviets, then the new Russians will move into power. They are the businessmen, the capitalists. We can ignore that fact or we can pave the way now for peace with a nation that was at the heart of an empire we once feared. We are pleased when Trump makes peace with North Korea because we want to prevent them from getting nuclear weapons but somehow the political class goes nuts when Trump tries to make peace with a nation that already has enough nukes to destroy us all.

According to the Reagan Library, “The first of their five meetings was on “neutral turf.” It took place in Geneva, Switzerland in November 1985. In a small plain boat house just down a stone path from Fleur D’Eau, the grand chateau where their formal sessions took place, President Reagan and General Secretary Gorbachev sat down in two comfortable chairs in front of a roaring fireplace, and with only interpreters present, began to forge a relationship that would not only improve U.S.-Soviet relations, but would turn out to be the beginning of the end of Soviet domination of Eastern Europe and ultimately, of the Soviet Union itself.”

I am not saying that Trump is a Reagan but Trump has some attributes that can lend themselves to a similar outcome. When he meets with people Trump seems to be able to communicate with them well. His public persona seems to hide some ability he has behind the scenes. This has been reported on by those who meet with him. They expect the bluster and instead get treated like they are the only person in the room with Trump. Reagan had this same ability according to Gorbachev, who, to this day, considers Reagan a friend.

What would be so bad if Trump and Putin forged a relationship such as this? Isn’t that the road to diplomacy and change? Is it peace we want or to keep our enemies our enemies?

Allies aren’t made, they are won. Respect isn’t demanded, it is commanded. We will do neither of these things if we sit on our hands or if we shout in the their faces. Even with North Korea I disliked Trump’s tweets and harsh rhetoric. But when Trump did meet with Un it was pats on the back, kind words, and friendly banter.

I am left wondering what motivates people in Washington and the media and left wondering just why they would rather we not talk to our enemies and how they think we will make our enemies our allies if we don’t talk and when we do talk why do they think yelling and finger-pointing is going to the manner that produces lasting relationships?

Former CIA director John Brennan blasted President Donald Trump’s press conference with Russian President Vladimir Putin as ‘nothing short of treasonous.’

Source: Ex-CIA chief John Brennan calls Trump ‘nothing short of treasonous’ | Daily Mail Online

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