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Trump Administration to Driverless Car Makers: Go Nuts!

I know that for those who supported Trump this is the kind of thing they were hoping to hear from a businessman. The new guidelines from the Department of Transportation relating to driverless cars is pretty much – do your thing! The article tells you right away, based on the language they use, how the author feels about it.

“The DOT secretary defended the guidelines, which opt for voluntary guidance rather than enforceable rules.”

“Defended”. That word tells us something about what the author is thinking. To me, I see nothing to defend. I see them as great rules. If the author felt that way too he would have used words like “trumpeted” or “enthusiastically explained”.

Get government out of the way and let innovation occur.

It is in the best interest of businesses to be safe and follow intelligent guidelines. They don’t need government to tell them that. A driver-less car that results in a passenger’s death is all the incentive they need. Government regulations aren’t required.

A couple of Democrat representatives (Frank Pallone and Jan Schakowsky) clearly fall in the camp of those attacking the guidelines. They called them “a step backwards” and explained:

Instead of focusing on safety and ensuring car makers are properly testing these vehicles, the administration chose to cave to industry and pressure states into not acting. Since the Trump Administration is not providing any leadership, Congress must move forward with bipartisan legislation that puts safety first through mandatory safety assessment certifications, a framework for updating safety standards, plans for privacy and cybersecurity, and general improvements in vehicle safety.

I find it so interesting that they don’t think that what Trump did was leadership. It was. This makes it so clear that to these Democrats leadership only means one thing, more government. They can’t seem to stand the idea of not being needed. Are their egos so huge that they feel slighted in some way when people get along just fine without them? “We didn’t pass a law! You can’t do that! You NEED US to protect you!”

Quite frankly, I love to drive. The actual act of driving is fun to me. I drive a manual transmission, and I’m a trained driver. I’ll always want that feeling of getting behind the wheel. However, I want a driver-less car. I want to get into it and using voice control tell it to get me to work. Once there I want it to park for me. Then wake me up. If the car would drive for me to and from work I would get two hours of my day back each day as I could sit with my laptop while the car motored me home. That’s great stuff. I also want a flying car but I’ll take what I can get. I don’t think that’s going to happen without government getting out of the way and allowing market forces to take over. That means allowing business to create THE car that the people want. We’ve seen for years how, no matter how insistent government is about solar power, even to the point of financing it, the technology simply doesn’t do well. That’s because it doesn’t do what people want it to do. It only does what government thinks people should want it to do. That’s not the same and that’s not a good strategy for a successful enterprise.

I say good for Trump and his administration for showing leadership with enough courage to know when to step aside and let people do their thing.


On Tuesday, US Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao revealed the updated version of the guidelines for the testing and deployment of autonomous vehicles. The DOT secretary defended the guidelines, which opt for voluntary guidance rather than enforceable rules. Chao said that a third version is in progress and slated to be introduced in 2018.

Source: Trump Administration to Driverless Car Makers: Go Nuts!

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