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Treasury secretary: Pass a tax bill or markets will tank

Since speculative markets grew on the mere promise of tax cuts I do not find it difficult to believe that they would tank on the failure of such to be passed by Congress. I am of the mind that only a fool would want higher taxes. I don’t mind paying taxes for the things I use. I appreciate the military to defend the nation. I appreciate that the President needs a staff and as someone who loves to drive, I appreciate the roadways that course across our country crisscrossing hundreds of thousands of miles allowing me to get anywhere with my own two webbed hands on the wheel. But I do not want, not do I think it is moral, to pay taxes for things I do not need, want, use, or even believe in.

Income Tax Cartoon from 1799
“In 1799 British Prime Minister William Pitt the younger introduced a desperate and widely abhorred measure to help cover the cost of his country’s wars with France. People hated the idea. It was an income tax.”

This nation was founded over a tax dispute more than anything else. That the people were taxed and had no one to represent them in front of those levying the tax caused a revolution that changed the world. We now have representatives that don’t represent our interests in lower taxes. Of all the promises Trump has made, lowering taxes is the most important. While left and right argue over the saying, “a rising tide lifts all boats” I personally only care that it lifts my boat. If you care that it lifts your boat too then we can band together in letting our Representatives know they fail to pass tax cuts at their peril.

I maintain that any tax cut that allows the people (including those who own businesses or stock in businesses) to keep more of their money it is a good tax cut. I do not care if the rich get a cut, I do not care if the middle class does. At this point, taxes just need to be cut. Almost all of the programs they pay for can be cancelled and our nation move on. I am not blind to the idea that some people rely on these taxes for their food, clothing and shelter. I’m sure it is seen as cold-hearted by many that I don’t want to be forced to pay them to live. Giving money or goods to charity should be a choice. It is not a proper use of tax money since it does not benefit all people. I do not get know to whom my money is going so I cannot go and share in the food they buy with my money. Some see this as not wanting to help. They confuse the giving that comes from desire with the giving that comes from government. Government does not make money, it only takes it. All the money government hands out it takes from someone else. The government does not ask if the person needs it, nor does it care that they had plans for it. Someone else’s need becomes your enthrallment.

If a man sounds harsh it is because the government has pushed him to that end. What I give to charity, to help my fellow-man through church or other organization, is my business.

The deep tax cuts we really need as a nation, as a people, will only come when programs that do not benefit, directly, the whole, come to an end. It should be the rule of Congress to represent the people well and assess what direct benefit a project is to all the people or at least the vast majority of them. Indirect benefit, or a pretend benefit that cannot be quantified, is not enough reason to take money from people. No, I don’t believe that taxation IS theft, but I do believe that it CAN be.

The government never asks what it can do without. It only takes more. When talk of tax cuts come up, those in Washington say crazy things like, “how are we going to pay for these tax cuts?” Even those in favor of cuts use terrible language like, “this cut equals a pay raise for the American people”. No, my pay remains the same, you just take less of it away from me. Both sides of the political spectrum in Congress see the money as THEIR money, as the government’s money and not as MY money and YOUR money and that is one of the greatest problems facing our nation. That mindset that they own us and all we have and that they know better how to spend our money than we do.

Well Mr. Congressman, I earned it, you didn’t.


In the first episode of the POLITICO Money podcast, Steven Mnuchin offered an “absolute guarantee” that a tax overhaul would be signed into law by the end of the year.

Source: Treasury secretary: Pass a tax bill or markets will tank – POLITICO

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