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Too Ugly, Too Transgender, Too Ethnic or Not Ethnic Enough? There Could be a Pill for That!

This paper was shared with me by Club Platypus visitor Simon Stiel. It explores the idea of a “high tech” method that would make people attracted to people they are not currently attracted to. High tech could mean a pill, shot, brain surgery, or genetic manipulation. Why do this? The paper reads, “my case for attraction-expanding technology is grounded in individuals’ prudential interests, as well as in the impartial, moral reasons that we have to fight appearance-based discrimination.” It is forced social justice.

If you don’t find black people attractive, if you don’t find trans people attractive, take a pill, or have an operation that changes your natural inclinations to inclinations that fit into the social justice realm of acceptable attraction. It is the Incel (involuntary celibates) point of view as well as the social justice point of view. If you are ugly, or transgender, or black, and some people just don’t want to pick you, then they can take a pill that will make them want to pick you. Their high tech solution will fix your discrimination. 

Of course they don’t see that you could also make this go the other way…feeling attracted to the same gender (i.e. you are gay) then take a pill and you won’t be anymore, you will be attractive to women. etc.

Ugly orc is ugly

It won’t happen in a free society.

The question came up, what if people want to take this pill? 

Right now, people are free to choose who they are attracted to. They want a drug to change that. Such a drug is designed to take away the individual’s power to choose because, as quoted from the paper above, they think it is wrong for people to not be attracted to transgender people or people of different skin colors.

You aren’t attracted to transgender people = you are a vile and wicked person + you should be a good person + here’s a pill to fix you + but I don’t want to be attracted to transgender people = here’s a court order saying you must take this pill because you are not legally allowed to discriminate = Aldous Huxley


Relationships most often start as situationships. You are in proximity with another person. Sometimes the attraction isn’t there at first, but as time goes by it is. The idea of fireworks and soulmates is a hoax. There is no single soulmate for you. You should be a very sad person indeed if you think that out of all the people on the planet there is only one single person you could be friends with, fall in love with, and spend your life with. 

Much of how attraction is viewed is a result of modern life rather than what actually is or has to be. The concept of romantic love has taken over. Fact is, put a 40 year old man and a 20 year old woman on an island and they are going to form a relationship and fall in love. Absent their ship wrecked circumstances she would likely never give him the time of day but after a year of him and her alone, him working to take care of her, her caring for him as well, the relationship will form. 

What the paper is saying is that they want a high tech way to create that island and that year of relationship forming work. Take a pill, find love, take a pill, find the ugly attractive, the old attractive, the black, the white, the woman with a penis, find them all attractive and you will be in social bliss. 

You can be with anyone you want now, without a pill.

A person can be what they want to be. They can learn the behaviors and the brain adapts. If a man wanted to have sex with another man, they could. One does not need a pill to do it. For many, the only pill they need right now is a few beers and the right level of privacy.

Dig deeper between the lines of this paper and you find the truth of it, “By taking AET, you would benefit those who are marginalized by societal beauty standards. In much of the world, beauty standards that favour whiteness, thinness, and gender-normativity prevail. AET would directly reduce the romantic discrimination felt by those whose bodies do not fit these narrow and oppressive standards of beauty.”

12 thoughts on “Too Ugly, Too Transgender, Too Ethnic or Not Ethnic Enough? There Could be a Pill for That!

  1. Pretentious it may sound, here’s an ethical statement I’ve written:

    “As discovered over decades of research: human sexualities encompass many forms: heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual, pansexual, asexual, transgender, intersex, etc. These are part of the human experience.

    For one or several reasons, an individual may experience dissatisfaction or distress about the current sexuality they have. Healthcare professionals are at liberty to offer such individuals routes for change while also bearing in mind their responsibilities to do no harm and also to counsel the individual the possibility that they are fine as they are.

    The precedent for this is in the matter of cosmetic surgery Professionals counsel individuals to accept themselves as they are but also offer treatments for change. In society, individuals change all sorts of identities: religion and nationality being examples. They are allowed to change and at the same time we combat discrimination.”

    1. Someone who is dissatisfied with their sexuality can, without medication or assistance, explore other sexuality. A need for surgery or artifice to alter their sexuality brings into question their dissatisfaction.

      Most certain this would be used in the opposite manner the author presented it. Currently, if a man says he is attracted to other men he only needs to act on it. Nothing more is needed. However, if he is not satisfied with that he could be made into a heterosexual through this proposed medical intervention. If a man is not attracted to men but wants to be, certainly this could be used to make him so, however, we would question then if his issues with sexuality were based on anything other than personal desire. That said, if he wants to be attracted to men he doesn’t need anything to make that happen other than proximity and training.

  2. Hello Platypus. She’s dressed the argument in social justice terms but it’s a libertarian one really. Adults do all sorts of things to their bodies that others may think pointless and/or wrong but we permit them to do it. I have been told that an intervention that legitimately expands happiness is ethically okay and if it reduces unhappiness, even better.

    1. I wrote this on FB, “When we are familiar with the language of the left we can see this for what it really is. In classical liberalism there are, as I see it, three kinds of equality – equality of rights, equality of justice, and equality of opportunity. In socialism and communism they seek other kinds of equality, such as social equality and substantial equality. This so-called “therapy” is designed to create a social equality by causing people to feel a way they do not currently or naturally feel. It is not difficult at all to see a world in which those who resist being attracted to others could be forced to undergo reconditioning to make sure they have the proper level of social equality. A thing that cannot exist and would be undesirable if it could.” Though this could be seen from a libertarian perspective I doubt very much that was the intent of the paper’s author. If it was, they did a very poor job at it as they couched it in the language of the left.

      1. There are medical-ethical considerations even for a private company that the profession would need to work through. That said, I maintain this is something meant to produce a certain society rather than a certain relief in any individual that such cannot current reach on their own without medication.

        If sexual orientation is biological then taking a pill to change it would be a tacit acknowledgement that it was a birth defect rather than a natural state of being.

        When we comprehend the evolution of sex we understand a great many things about the importance of male/female sexuality. Ponder just what had to occur evolutionary to produce a male with a penis and sperm and a female with a vagina and eggs and the entire system of the uterus. To think this could be taken away with a pill is a massive alteration to millions of years of not just human evolution, but mammalian evolution.

  3. I’m reading the actual paper now. This person does not understand human nature, for one thing, and does not know what personal autonomy is, for another. They just sound like a sad, pathetic person who is still upset they didn’t get asked to the prom.

  4. I’m not sure I see how someone would willingly take a pill in order to make themselves find someone attractive who they would not ordinarily find attractive. That makes no sense to me. Either the writer of this paper is deluding themselves or they’re lying and want this drug used on people by force.

    1. To this and your other comment: I agree. I think this is written from an Incel point of view and the point of view of a leftist who is upset that a man says he won’t date a transgender “woman”. If he refuses then a pill can fix that. For those people who want to they don’t need a pill. If they don’t want to then I question the need for a pill to make them.

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