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To the Left Trump Deescalated America

The silly article linked below is just quotes from people who were at Trump’s campaign announcement. That wonderful Wanka-esque ride down the escalator. Is it a “deescalator” when you go down? But I digress. In all the worthlessness of this article I did find one quote that I think typifies both the hatred of Trump and the success of Trump.

“Carter Wiseman, former architecture critic for New York: I was there when it was under construction, and he and Ivana took me on a tour. … He said, “Carter, you’ll understand this. This is quality marble from Italy.” … And I thought it looked as if it would work best in a whorehouse men’s room. It was so vulgar. … And I guess he knew something that we didn’t know. … We were all laughing, but he knew there were more people who loved that stuff.”

To the arrogant trend-setters, and taste-makers, Trump was everything they thought was gaudy and gross. They couldn’t understand how anyone would find him appealing. But Trump wasn’t trying to appeal to them. He was trying to appeal to a broader base of people. They are shocked by the fact that Trump actually understands what people want better than they do. They are the trendsetters after all and people should listen to THEM, not HIM!

That is the condescension of the left

Boss vs leader

When you pay attention you will see it in everything they do and propose. The left wants to live your life for you because they know better. You’re just a little dope who couldn’t get by in this big old world without them. The essence of socialism and related policies isn’t one of how much they care about you but rather how little they think of you. They arrogantly have no confidence in your ability nor any understanding that you might possibly want something they don’t want. That’s just how certain they are that their arrogant way of doing things is right. Any choice that isn’t their choice is the wrong choice.

It’s a sad truth that some men want to control other men. I’ve never seen the appeal in that. I don’t mean that they want to lead men. To lead men is satisfying and noble. But leading and controlling are not the same thing at all. There is no satisfaction to be had in forcing others to your will. There is no joy in seeing someone cower. That is the mark of an evil man. However, someone who wants to follow, wants to work along side you, that’s satisfying. There’s a little bit of both in everyone of course but the true man resists the call to unrighteous dominion over others. He persuades and sometimes suffers.

I think, that those on the left cry about the suffering of others, but really it is their own suffering they wish to avoid. They think they know better. They cannot convince others that is true. That hurts them. To avoid that hurt they pass laws and create philosophies that force others. Then they talk about how righteous and caring they are because they are going to make other do what’s right. That’s an ancient evil, that way of thinking, and we need to see it for what it is, evil, not righteousness, not love, not goodness. It is inherently selfish and is the foundation for leftism and socialism and it needs to be resisted.

It seemed like a stunt when Donald Trump rode down to make his presidential announcement, and maybe it was. But nothing would be the same again. The full oral history of that moment, from people who were there.

Source: The Escalator Ride That Changed America

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