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Tilda Swinton & Margaret Cho Demonstrate the Weakness of Diversity

The below article is about an email exchange between to actresses about diversity in film. Each desires as much diversity as possible. Here’s the flaw in their thinking, and the one that perpetuates racism, in all their efforts to be “diverse” what they really mean is they can only relate to people who look like them. That’s not diversity, that’s racism in a nutshell.

It might be a difficult concept for the left to understand. You can tell by reading the email exchange between Swinton and Cho that each actually cares about the issue. They really do think that they are heading down the right path. It’s very interesting to see how Swinton sees success where Cho sees failure. Swinton opines that casting a woman is diversity after all. The character in the comics was Asian, but Swinton points out that another character was white in the comics and the role was filled by a black actor. Isn’t that diversity? Cho doesn’t seem to care because, well…not Asian! Swinton’s genuine effort is wasted and always will be because no book or movie can ever contain all the characters required to please everyone.

That’s why we shouldn’t even try. Rather than relating to a character because they look like you, perhaps a better idea is to pick those characters, of any race, that act like you want to act, or in a way that you admire and want to emulate. As a young platypus I loved the droid from Star Wars C3PO. The golden droid and I couldn’t be more different in how we look, he wasn’t even alive, just a machine, but there was something in his affable manner that I admired. Always putting his foot in his mouth he never stopped trying and all was done out of a genuine desire to be of service. If all we ever do is look toward those who look like us we’ll miss the faces of would be friends and lovers and confine ourselves to a pool so small that we can never grow in it, never be better, never increase our understanding.

Diversity is not only perpetuating racism it is reducing the human capacity for growth and understanding of the world around us. Cultures are to be appropriated if we are to be better people.

Swinton released an email conversation she had with Margaret Cho about her role in the film Doctor Strange, after the comedienne claimed they had ‘kind of a fight’ over whitewashing.

Source: Tilda Swinton in race row after actress Margaret Cho accuses her of whitewashing Asians | Daily Mail Online

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