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The Timely Tale of Tales Told in Code

I wrote a post and published it. The text is below. What happened with that post was quite ironic. First, here is the post. It had no link and this image.

“I’m going to have to come up with some solution to get around Facebook’s censorship. You know, that’s what people always do when other’s try to oppress – they find a way around it. Perhaps I’ll need to write some posts in the original platypus language or come up with a hobo code or cockney slang so that Facebook doesn’t know I’m talking about liberty and common sense (how dare I) on their platform. I like to include the links to the stories that inspire my posts but Facebook is throttling more and more of them. They just don’t like where I am linking I suppose or some of the things I have to say.

I don’t want to have to leave the links off but several posts this last week have clearly been curtailed. It’s quite easy to see when looking at reach that suddenly there is one post that has 16 reach when the one before it had several hundred or a post that has been out for a couple of days has 30 instead of 3000. But I want people to have the choice to read or not to read what I post. Tell me you agree, tell me you don’t, tell my I’m crazy, go ahead and spout off about how religion is a fairy tale and how climate change is to be feared. Let me have it…but that can’t happen if you don’t see it.

I am considering more videos instead or not including the link to the story. Which would you rather happen?”

That’s it. And what happened to that post? It was censored by Facebook. As you can see by this screenshot the post was seen by just 1 person.

The only reason that could be is because they didn’t like the content. With other posts as mentioned above it was likely the link. Places like The Federalist get tagged, or InfoWars, and a few others that are considered by Facebook to be “conservative”. This post, however, had no link and the image was non-controversial. The content of the post…however, was all about Facebook censoring posts. It’s timely really that they censor a post about them censoring posts.

I’m putting this on the blog and using bit.ly to shorten the URL and using an image that doesn’t show much and a lead in text that is a code of sorts. Let’s see if Facebook can dig through all that and censor this as well. What are they afraid of really?




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