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The state takes children from parents with low IQ’s

The short of this story seems to be that the state took the children away from these parents because the parents each had IQ’s that were too low. They are both high school graduates, have held jobs, and have driver licenses. “Among the reasons stated as support for the state’s removal of their children were not reading to them, failing to put sunscreen on them, and providing fried chicken nuggets as a snack for a toddler, as opposed to healthier food.”

I’m sure you are curious just what their IQ’s tested at. “Fabbrini’s came back at 72. Ziegler’s registered at 66.” That is below the national average by quite a bit. The average is, “…between 90 and 109 according to Assessment Psychology.” However, there are a couple of things very important to point out. First is that IQ tests are pretty well meaningless as a measure of a person’s capability. They aren’t totally meaningless of course. “pretty well” but not totally. Not enough for that to be a reason for taking children.

The second is that people with low IQ’s, even people who have no education, let alone a high school education, can make fine loving and caring parents. Your intelligence is NOT a measure of your parenting. Of course there are people who do not have the ability to parent. Those people either have a severe mental illness or learning handicap.

I don’t have all the facts so I can’t make a solid judgement on this one. But from the cursory evidence I feel like this is an example of the terrible power of the state. Children need protection and sometimes protection from their parents. It just seems to me the reasons should be solid. It worries me to think that it becomes the burden of the parent to prove they are fit and get their children back. It feels a bit like being assumed guilty.

It shouldn’t have been this hard’: Couple win back custody of their two children, ages 4 and 10 months and both taken from them within days of their births, after judge deemed them too low IQ to parent

Source: Couple win back custody after judge deemed them too low IQ | Daily Mail Online

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