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The Racist Right Looks Left

I don’t talk about the Alt-Right very often. There are a few reasons for this. First off, they just make me very uncomfortable and angry. When I read the things they say and write it wells up within me a certain emotion I am most uncomfortable with. It’s that emotion called frustration. I have often said frustration is the most powerful of all human emotions. Frustrated people are by far the most dangerous. I don’t like feeling that way so I try to avoid the things that frustrate me. Racism and other forms of collectivism frustrate me. This is because they all require force. The only way to create a racial pure nation is to force people out. The only way to create socialism is to force people in.

The headline of this piece is “The Racist Right Looks Left”. I think they start off poorly with that one. It assumes that racism is a tenant and trait of the right. It’s really not. It’s a tenant of collectivism, which is not right-wing. Remember, just because someone calls themselves something, doesn’t mean that’s what they are. In fact, it often means just the opposite. Remember how Obamacare is called the “Affordable Care Act”? Right, not so much affordable is it? So let’s not believe that just because the word “right” is in there that we’re dealing with the actual right.

Another reason I don’t discuss them much is because I sincerely believe they are insignificant that this point and by talking about them it just boosts them. Hopefully people who read the things I write will simply apply those things to the racism and collectivism of the Alt-Right without me having to specifically say it applies to them. It applies to any group at all that seeks to force people, take a way rights, or take away individualism and replace it with some form of group think.

One of the greatest differences between fascism and communism is the state. Communists do not believe in the state. The community, the people, is all there is. The state must be done away with. They see any condition wherein a state exists as only a transitory state on the way to the pure and good of Communism. Never mind the fact that they are willing to allow that state to persist for decades while seeing no movement toward their precious collectivism. In communism the people are in control of everything as a group. In socialism and fascism, the state is. As you can imagine, this is really a distinction without a difference for the individual man. In one he’s screwed by his neighbors and in the other he’s screwed by the men running the government.

Another reason I don’t write about them is Spencer himself. I have this knack, an ability or gift if you will, to discern a “BS” artist when I see one. While others worship at the feet of a Bill Clinton or a Barack Obama I easily see them for what they are. I marvel that anyone would be sucked into their lies because to me, their lies are so easy to see as lies. Spencer is full of it. I don’t believe for one minute he cares about whites so much as he sees them as a means to his end. He wants power. He wants to control. That this is true is manifest plainly in the things he espouses.

There is one book on this subject that I feel everyone should read. It’s called “The Journal of David Q. Little” by Daniel McMichael. The book is an alternate history of the Cold War. Part of the story weaved throughout the book is how people will pretend to espouse certain ideas because they think it gets them somewhere. That same concept is found in “The Fountainhead” as well. Spencer is a Toohey. A man who manipulates. In the Fountainhead there’s a passage where Toohey and Roark are alone and Tookey says to him, “…we’re alone here. Why don’t you tell me what you think of me? In any words you wish. No one will hear us.” and Roark replies, “But I don’t think of you.” That is the greatest fear of men like Spencer, to not be thought of. Their greatest desire in life is to inhabit the minds of others.

Ellsworth Toohey says in The Fountainhead, “If you learn how to rule one single man’s soul, you can get the rest of mankind. It’s the soul, Peter, the soul. Not whips or swords or fire or guns. That’s why the Caesars, the attilas, the Napoleons were fools and did not last. We will. The soul, Peter, is that which can’t be ruled. It must be broken. Drive a wedge in, get your fingers on it – and the man is yours.” He explains it’s just a matter of finding the right lever. Spencer thinks he’s found the lever and he’s pulling on it hard. he’s breaking men’s souls by convincing them that race matters more than self.

I once was trying to help a man find work who was out of a job. He’d been a construction worker his whole life. The market had taken a downturn and he was laid off. There just weren’t any buildings to build. As we discussed various job openings he refused to even apply for one job after the other. Why? “Because, I’m a construction worker.” He had come to identify so solidly with his job that it was what defined him. If, instead, he had defined himself as a “capable man” finding a new job would have been much easier. Eventually I was able to help him break down just what skills he had and to shed that label he’d given himself and he took a job outside of construction. Men like Spencer want everyone to define themselves narrowly in much the same way the construction worker did. “I am white”. As if that is the thing that matters about you, which group you belong to.

They  must, of course, assume that their group is the group that’s going to come out on top of things. One can’t think that whites are a bunch of losers that aren’t going to really succeed. That’s not very motivating after all. So they have to start discussing themselves as better. They never stop to consider just what it is they think is producing this superiority. That there are morons with white skin is enough to toss the entire notion out the window. That there are geniuses with dark skin seals the death of this entire idea. There is no goodness is racism. There is no goodness is subsuming yourself to the collective, even less so when that collective is congregated on such a flimsy foundation as skin color.

The article below reads, “In our interview, Spencer sketched a similar future vision of white people controlling the spoils. He has claimed in the media that he’s “not a fascist,” but in our interview, he finally allowed that “I do have certain elective affinities with the fascist intellectual tradition.” In the state he’s hoping to create after deporting all Jews and people of color, he said, “We will know better for people. We will be a good elite. We will guarantee the health and safety” of whites only.”

If people can’t see this as utter hogwash, if they can’t understand how what he’s saying is not only impossible but evil, then I’m not sure there’ anything I can write that will lift the veil from before their eyes and get them to see how small and insignificant such an ideology actually makes THEM as individuals.


At Richard Spencer’s secret conference, white supremacists denounce corporate capitalism.

Source: The Racist Right Looks Left

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