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The Possessed by Fydor Dostoevsky

The Possessed by Fydor Dostoevsky

“…you cannot imagine what wrath and sadness overcome your whole soul when a great idea, which you have long cherished as holy, is caught up by the ignorant and dragged forth before fools like themselves into the street…”

This book is long, difficult, and prophetic. The characters are taken from real people who lived and whom Dostoevsky distilled their attributes and beliefs into his novel. He predicted the rise of communism and system which he said was, “far from the kingdom of God.”

The book covers many subjects useful in today’s world but perhaps most of all it seeks to uncover that tendency by the intellectual elite to consider themselves as superior to others and to take this supposed superiority as a right to rule.

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The original novel is in Russian and this is the earliest English translation. The title could be the Devils, or the Demons, but the Possessed was settled on for the English because it places the ideas as the evil and not the people. The people are possessed with the concepts and ideas of nihilistic elitism and communism.

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