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The Poor Don’t Deserve Anything

“The only chance we have to restore this country, that is peaceful, is this convention,” said Jim Moyer, a Convention of States supporter.” The convention he’s talking about is a constitutional convention aimed at changing the US Constitution to prevent the country from becoming socialist in nature. To platypus like me that sounds reasonable. It sounds reasonable that we wouldn’t want to take away freedom. I understand that socialism and its cousins can only exist by taking from others.

Those who support such systems have convinced themselves that it’s a moral duty to take from others.

They’ve convinced themselves that taking is right as long as you take from the proper people. They don’t even have the excuse that those people will get some other use out of the money but rather they are up front that the money just goes to someone else’s pocket for their use. Not the use of the man who earned that money but the use of someone, who, somehow, deserves it more even though they did not earn it.

Socialism chokes liberty

I’m going to say something here that may sound harsh to some – the poor don’t deserve anything. Being poor doesn’t give you special dispensation over the labor and earnings of others. Helping others is something I am in favor of. I think we should serve each other. I think we should help each other out. I think we should want to help the poor among us. But they don’t deserve it in the sense that their being poor gives them some right to demand it of everyone else.

That is the root of socialism. The root is that those in need deserve to be helped and because they deserve to be helped they have a God-given right to demand that others give them money.

One of the areas of her philosophy that Ayn Rand got the most heat about was found in two related areas. First, her belief that altruism was harmful if made mandatory. The second was that selfishness was beneficial. That she got heat for this is something that gives me heartburn because every time I hear someone counter her they do so from a place of ignorance. Part of this, I admit, is Rand’s own inability or lack of desire, in properly defending her point of view. I’ve listened to many interviews with her where she simply refuses to correct the interviewer. What they seem to think she’s saying is that people should not help the poor. That isn’t what she said. She said they should – IF they wanted to. That’s a huge difference. Help if you want but no one should be forced to. Forcing someone to give away what is theirs makes the helper a slave to the helped.

Rand said, “Poverty is not a mortgage on the labor of others—misfortune is not a mortgage on achievement—failure is not a mortgage on success—suffering is not a claim check.” Socialism demands that poverty be just that, a mortgage on the success of others, a bill to be paid, an obligation to be met, a check to cash.

I think it’s one of the greatest questions we must ask – why does someone else’s need give them a right to demand the fruits of my labor?

There can be no misunderstanding here – socialism does just that. It is the very foundation of socialism that the fruits of one person’s labor be taken from that person by force and given to another. That IS socialism. That someone could think that was a just and righteous system is beyond me. Americans give more to charity than any other country. I give and I know many of you give. It isn’t the giving that I have a problem with, it isn’t the poor. It is the demanding and the taking that I reject.

I believe that everyone should reject that as well. I believe that everyone should have the understanding that such systems only exist at the expense of others and it is wicked to decide for someone else what they need and what they don’t of that which they have earned. Socialism is not the righteous way, it is the evil way. I do not ever use that term lightly. I do not toss it around as hyperbole. When I say something is wicked or evil I mean it literally. I mean it when I say that socialism is an evil blight.

Socialism is childish not kind

As our country slides deeper into the realm of takers something must be done to protect us from it. The prosperity that America enjoys is only the result of freedom. There are only a few ways to protect American from this. We can persuade others to understand that taking is wrong regardless of whom you are taking from. We can amend our constitution to prevent the kind of laws that justify taking. We can fight to the death in defense of our liberties.

As the Platypus motto says, forget death, just give me liberty. Liberty is mine, it is the default, I shouldn’t have to fight for it. Socialists failed to learn the simple lesson that children learn, don’t take what doesn’t belong to you.



Source of inspiration: Conservatives call for constitutional intervention last seen 230 years ago – Lawmakers push for ‘constitutional convention’ to restrict federal government – and it’s not as far-fetched as it sounds

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