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The left wants your money to help Incels have sex

I think, perhaps, of all the leftist terms I hate “redistribution” the most. It means taking your money and giving it to someone else. The logistics of that are out of your hands. Your money but not your choice. The left is ever creative in the justification for this scheme. This editorial uses sexbots to demonstrate why what we really need is redistribution of wealth. The motivation behind this particular piece is the sudden occurrence in the news of the previously obscure “incel”.

That’s group came into the fore when one of them became a murderer and hero of their cause. What is the cause? They think they have a right to sex. Of course they don’t have that right. No one has the right to have sex. For much the same reason as no one has a right to healthcare. A doctor is an autonomous being. To force him to serve others is to make him a slave. To have something as a right means that one gets to have it. I can have speech as a right, or religion, or the right to buy and carry a gun because these things do not require anything of anyone else. But sex, that requires another human being. Some have said we should buy them all sexrobots. But is that a real solution? The author of this piece says no.

The author goes on to explain how the wealthy are wealthy and the rest of us are not. That’s bad and the way to change it, the author explains is to make the wealthy give the unwealthy their cash. Never mind that men like Bill Gates already do so voluntarily. How do we help the poor incels? Give them money of course. Why? According to the author, “…there’s nothing sexy about financial instability and the anxiety and stress it entails. There’s nothing sexy about a society that forces millions of people to endure long hours, unpredictable work schedules, tyrannical management practices, and insufficient pay just to make (or try to make) ends meet.”

But a let’s be honest, a man who only makes ends meet because someone is giving him money is about as attractive to a woman as the man living in his mother’s basement. In reality this is just one more in a long line of attempts by leftists to get people to fork over their cash for redistribution.

I don’t honestly think this author cares about incels. In fact I don’t really think they have an honest feeling for helping those in need. I think they have an ideological bent and just take advantage of anything they can creatively insert their ideology into. It’s just one more excuse to talk about why you should give your money away. It’s to the point now that the left doesn’t care what the need is, they just see any need as reason enough to take your cash because clearly someone who isn’t having sex has a greater need for your money than you do.

The left, at least here, confuses need with want. Inces want sex. They aren’t getting it. In steps the left, not with a real solution or real help, but with some of your cash.

In a recent piece, Ross Douthat ruminates over the question of whether society ought to use redistributive measures to give sexless men their “due.”

Source: Think Americans Should Have More Sex? Redistribute Wealth, Not Robots.

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