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The Journal of David Q. Little by Daniel McMichael

“In the year 2223, human-behavior scientists discover a small abandoned settlement nestled in the Rocky Mountains of North America. Among the ruins they find an unsettling text. It is a well-preserved journal from the 1970’s—a detailed account of life at the time by David Q. Little. As these scientists read The Journal of David Q. Little, they gain invaluable insight into the progression of events that led to dramatic societal degradation. David Q. Little’s journal describes the fear of nuclear war, the Treaty of Friendship between the United States and the Soviet Union, the subsequent decay of American sovereignty and the rule of law, and the ultimate collapse of civil society. “

I don’t even really remember where I first heard about this book. I was intrigued by the fact that it was Ronald Reagan’s favorite book and that he sent a copy to Margaret Thatcher. That says something about a book. The forward of the book states that as far as we know it was the only book Reagan ever recommended to prominent people. So I put it in my wishlist and kind of forgot about it. I received it as a Christmas gift and immediately began to read it.

It’s a book that I don’t want to get too much into as to not give it away. But the basic idea is that it takes place during the cold war and the US and USSR have signed a treaty which turns some of their sovereignty (supposedly equal amounts) over to a UN-like world organization.

There are really two things of great note to me from this book. One, is that it realistically demonstrates how certain events can unfold. We can read the pages and think to ourselves, “I can see that happening.” and in many ways it’s happening without the need of a treaty. The second is how much this book must have informed Reagan’s view of the Soviets. You will see, as you read, many threads in book that he clearly took to heart.

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