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The Hyperbole of the Delicate Left

British behavioral expert Judi James said in an interview that Trump could learn one valuable lesson from Obama, he could learn “how to cry”. She indicated that this is how he could really “turn people around quite quickly their feelings towards him.” A well placed tear, a slightly protruding lower lip with just the right amount of quivering and oh how the people will love you! Being tough, talking tough, that’s manly, a tear at the right moment and all the hearts melt in your direction.

“Disgusted and ashamed” really?

“WikiHow, which boasts of being ‘the world’s leading how-to website’, has apologized for an embarrassing gaffe after depicting Barack Obama, Beyoncé and Jay-Z as Caucasians.” (Daily Mail)

They were disgusted and ashamed of themselves for this. A normal person might see this as a clever re-purposing of an image. Most people are likely never to have noticed that the cartoon was based on a real photo. I had never seen the original so the entire horrifying, shameful, and disgusting event wasn’t any of those things to me. It’s rather beyond me, to be honest, how someone could feel even a twinge of guilt at having so creatively reused the image let alone feel so bad about it to use words like “disgusted”. How many times in your life have you felt disgusted? I mean the real kind, not the leftist kind. Can you think of one? Perhaps it was tossing out the rotten food from the fridge that made you gag and stank. I’ll give you that one, that’s disgusting. Perhaps it was something you saw on television like a jihadi sawing off someone’s head or tossing them off a building because they were gay. Now, that’s disgusting.

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Hearts, it seems, have taken precedence over heads. This seems to have been going on for a while now. There’s an old saying, “An empty vessel makes the most noise.” The left seems entirely empty right now. Devoid of thought and thinking but full of vocalizations. Rather like a chimp. It knows what it wants but knows no other way to get it than to stamp the ground and make loud screeches and calls and to curl back angry chimp gums to reveal angry chimp teeth.

Have  you no heart?

The book, Metropolis by Thea Von Harbou takes place in a future age in a great city of exceptional technology. It all operates like clockwork. But in the underground live the workers, oppressed by the rigors of their jobs. Low skill, repetitive, tiring, and merciless jobs. Von Harbou calls these “the hands” and in the high towers, caring not about the workers, are the planners, the designers, the men of brains. She calls these “the head”. There is a disconnect, the book explains, between the head and the hands. The most well known quote from the book is this, “The mediator between head and hands must be the heart!” Von Harbou said that what she meant by this was that there should be an amicable relationship between capital and labor. We only know this because she and Lang explained it clearly afterward. They felt compelled to do this because Hitler and others like him at the time calimed the film for their own feeling the message was one of communism.

Like others who have taken up the mantle laid down by Metropolis I think the left considers themselves to be the heart. I think they see themselves as the kind ones, the good ones, the caring ones, the ones that will protect people.

But I disagree. I consider the leftists of today’s world to be the hands, balled into a fist at the direction of the head. Heads like George Soros, Barack Obama, and a group of others in Hollywood and in the corridors of race.

They lay such claim to the heart that they cannot allow a single person to utter an unkind word. Except themselves of course. They call speech they don’t like “hate speech”. They want to silence all of it.

The 1st amendment is to protect hate speech

There are no mobs burning and breaking and looting in anger and rage to stop someone from saying the things they want to hear. Hate speech is the speech that needs protected because no one is trying to stop popular speech. The first amendment, and the ideal behind it, that people should be able to speak their minds, exists because people weren’t able to say or print anything they wanted to. They could even be jailed for it. In many countries, even in Europe, they still can.

If you are offended, so what. The only thing that happens when you are offended is that you are offended. The entire suffering you find yourself under is self imposed because the entire thing takes place in your own head most often from speech that you listened to of your own volition. It’s not like these people are kidnapping you and making you hear them. More likely than not you have found them on YouTube, the Internet, or your favorite news channel and heard them. Take Milo for example. As popular as he is to a certain group I feel comfortable saying that at least 95% of Americans have no idea who he is. Most of the so called hate going around exists from within a small sphere of influence to a small group who have imposed this speech upon themselves. So what if Milo comes to your campus – don’t go see him. It’s really that easy you know. It really is.

Desperate times call for desperate measures

The leftists are afraid people like Milo and Trump are going to convince others their ideas are right. If this is true, if this is something to be feared by them, then either those ideas are better than your leftist ideas or you have to work harder to persuade people. But let’s be perfectly honest here, if you’re a leftist, your ideas have been through the ringer and found wanting. The world has seen leftist ideas at work and they fail every time they are tried. It takes being the loudest vessel to make any headway now.

No one is listening anymore and there’s a good reason for that. To the left everything is an emergency, everything is so terrible, it all requires an apology, it’s all so disgusting!

They’ve played this game for so long now that people are tired of it. Human beings have an amazing capacity to get used to things that bother them. The left has been at it so long that their message no longer matters. It used to be when they told someone they needed to say sorry, that person said sorry, if they said that some behavior was socially unacceptable then it was, if they said it was acceptable then anyone who didn’t think so was backwards and intolerant. But now people have gotten used to it. They’ve heard it all for so long that they no longer care.

If fact it’s to the point where people want to do the opposite of what the left tells them is correct. That should sound familiar to you. Humans have a tendency to rebel. Liberty is in our very nature. Prohibition, be it alcohol, drugs, sex, or blackface, breeds within us a desire to do that which we are forbidden to do. The left has created an environment in which their own doctrine is the thing to rebel against. It’s a bit ironic really.

What I think we are seeing, in these riots, what I hope we are seeing, is the death rattle of leftism.

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