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The Fountainhead by Ayn Rand

I read this book after I read Rand’s other famous novel Atlas Shrugged though she wrote this one first. It was very popular when it was written and was even turned into a movie staring Gary Cooper which you can watch and enjoy. But the movie and book are two different things. If you really want it right, read the book.

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Rand wrote the book with the intention of being a platform to explain her philosophy of Objectivism. But after it was so well received she was disappointed in this because it was taken by the critics to be a great book about an architect and they either ignored or didn’t understand the deeper meaning she had intended. Atlas Shrugged was written  to rectify what she saw as the mistakes of The Fountainhead.

I don’t agree with Rand about the book. I personally see it as something different than Atlas Shrugged. I am not sure she intended it but the books cover, to me, very different angles. While Atlas Shrugged may be seen as the assault on capitalism The Fountainhead sees things from the perspective of the media and the arts. Both books are prophetic in terms of our modern day world and The Fountainhead has a good and interesting story to house these ideas making it a quick and easy read.

When The Fountainhead was first published, Ayn Rand’s daringly original literary vision and her groundbreaking philosophy, Objectivism, won immediate worldwide interest and acclaim. This instant classic is the story of an intransigent young architect, his violent battle against conventional standards, and his explosive love affair with a beautiful woman who struggles to defeat him. This edition contains a special afterword by Rand’s literary executor, Leonard Peikoff, which includes excerpts from Ayn Rand’s own notes on the making of The Fountainhead. As fresh today as it was then, here is a novel about a hero—and about those who try to destroy him.

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