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The demagogic genius of Donald J. Trump

While I’ve often said that there is more to Trump than meets the eye, and that he clearly has some instincts, I can’t help but thinking that this article is designed to ignore the fact that it was not Trump people were voting for but Progressive philosophy and policy they were voting against.

“The ominous fact is that Trump is undeniably one of the greatest intuitive political geniuses in history. Think about it: A wealthy businessman with no political experience at all takes on more than a dozen experienced politicians and manages to prevail, winning the presidential nomination of a major party. He then runs what an army of experts and analysts consider to be a train wreck of a general-election campaign and nonetheless manages to prevail to become the president-elect of the most powerful nation on Earth. It’s an astonishing accomplishment.”

All true but still all an excuse not to see the writing on the wall.

According to the normal rules of politics, Trump is a mess who gets nothing right. And yet he keeps succeeding.

Source: The demagogic genius of Donald J. Trump

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