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The Cognitive Illusion That Blacks CAN’T Be Racists

People will do all sorts of mental yoga in order to maintain a strongly held belief. They will bend and twist their mind into all sorts of ways. Just like some positions in Yoga bring observers to say, “a human body shouldn’t be able to bend that way” those listening sometimes feel the same about the way people think, “the human mind shouldn’t be able to be that irrational.”

Especially about a construct so abstract as race. Humans all belong to the same species. What we call race really is only superficial. Since at least the 1950’s scientists have argued that race is more of a social construct than a biological reality with some going so far as to call it a myth. It’s more a matter of geography than anything else.

“There is no genetic basis for race,” says Fullwiley, who has studied the ethical, legal, and social implications of the human genome project with sociologist Troy Duster at UC, Berkeley. She sometimes quotes Richard Lewontin, now professor of biology and Agassiz professor of zoology emeritus, who said much the same thing in 1972, when he discovered that of all human genetic variation (which we now know to be just 0.1 percent of all genetic material), 85 percent occurs within geographically distinct groups, while 15 percent or less occurs between them. (Harvard Magazine, 2008)

Irving Janis called it groupthink. That’s where we sacrifice our own critical capacity of thought in order to adopt the consensus belief. There are many factors that amplify or mitigate groupthink. But it has been proved that if at least one person expresses doubt, others are more likely to as well. I suppose that’s really the reason I write these articles, to be the one in the group expressing doubt in the hopes that others will be more likely to as well.

Did you just assume my race?

Logic is a tool that allows you to evaluate the likelihood of truth based on the reasons given in support of it.

Emotion and intuition, are not mutually exclusive with logic and reason. You can use logic and reason but still feel emotions. The idea of logic is to be able to protect yourself from emotion. Once you learn how to spot flawed reasoning you most certainly will begin to find it all over the place.

One such place is in the left’s insistence that blacks cannot be racists. In order to think that they have to redefine the meaning of the word “racism”.

prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism directed against someone of a different race based on the belief that one’s own race is superior.

That’s the standard definition. It works. I also think there is a cultural definition that most of us – somewhat intuitively know – and that is probably more common – that racism is simply anytime that race is used as the deciding factor in a decision to act. To give a job, or not, because of a person’s race, is racism, to be kind or cruel to a person because of their race is racism. You see, there is no institute or government required and inasmuch as all humans have power to act that is the only power required.

No matter how racist some blacks are they claim that because they are a “subjugated group” that they cannot be racists. The status of the group, of course, makes no difference whatsoever. That’s a convenient definition they use to justify their own racism. There is nothing about being a racist that means a person has to benefit from that in a material way.

As a matter of fact the general achievement racists get out of their racism is psychological. Their racism is a mechanism they use to cope with their own feelings of inadequacy and low self esteem. Of course they will argue that the reason for their low self esteem is the racism of others. They will gladly look at a member of the KKK and agree that their racism is based on some level of mental illness but when it comes to their own racism they create an elaborate form of cognitive dissonance to explain it away. They blame it, not on themselves, but on a racism – they contented – that exists everywhere.

I contend that the kind of cultural racism that once existed no longer does. That might be a controversial position to some but to me it’s thinking that comes from what I see around me. Their logic is that the same racist country that oppresses them is the same one that elected Obama twice. Somehow they don’t see black CEO’s, Generals, Secretaries of State, Supreme Court Justices, police chiefs, mayors, governors, college education and, well, everything a person can be really. What level of success is left? What doors are shut to them that they can’t open themselves?

Racism does exist, all over the world, in the hearts of petty men. It is not my contention to say that it doesn’t. At times this racism must throw up obstacles to people. Yet it’s clear from all we’ve seen that these obstacles can be overcome. I think it’s time that Black Lives Matter and the like – instead of pretending that they can’t be racists – consider the idea that it is their own racism that stands as the greatest obstacle to their own success.

Racism isn’t natural, despite what some would have you believe. It’s learned. Taught by parents of a bygone age that has no place today. When those parents fail to do their job there are always those waiting in the wings to teach. The Al Sharptons and Louis Farrakhans of the world stand by to teach. This is how they gain power.

At all levels racism is about power. Hate and superiority are not the goal. For the Masterminds of race they just use these as a means to the end of garnering more power for themselves. To rob them of their power and the evil they spread all one has to do is just stop talking about it. Don’t let them reduce you to a color and not a person. Don’t reduce yourself to a color and not a person. There’s more to you than meets the eye.

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