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The Case for Genetically Engineering Ethical Humans

Control! Control! Control! Do as they say you should do because, well, they know better. And if you don’t, then they will force you! Since they have found (over the last several thousands years) that they can’t do that by force they now suggest to do it via genetics. If you can’t get your mind right, and they can’t force you to, then they’ll just make you a new mind. What spurred this author to suggest such a terrible thing? The realization that people have agency. That realization came to the author of the below linked article when he read about the downloadable and 3D printable gun. We posted about that here the other day and rejoiced in the fact that it made gun control an idea that was no longer viable. That very thing I grinned at caused the author of the article to slide into tyrannical tendencies.

Opposition is required

Down the rabbit hole he goes, “As the technology continues to develop, it may not be long before far more devastating weapons could be manufactured at home by 3-D printers…Push far enough into the future and we may reach a time when almost any individual could have the ability to unleash a weapon that could end the world. And if we reach that point, we’re as good as done.” This isn’t irrational he insists. Why, we’ve already done something terrible!

“But there’s a less extreme collective action problem that poses an existential threat to humanity today. It’s called climate change. Climate change is, essentially, the sum of all our decisions. Our decisions to use fossil fuels. Our decisions to travel by car or jet. Our decisions to support politicians who deny the reality of global warming and work to thwart action to address it. And most of all, our decisions to prioritize the comfort of the present at the cost of the future.”

See, even when we aren’t trying to kill off our entire species, we kill off our entire species!

According to the author, there’s only one way out of this – genetically engineer the perfect human being!

Oh, he doesn’t call it the “master race” but the implication is there. Only when we craft and mold man can we ever hope to have a human great enough, moral enough, to save the planet, to make the right choices, and persist.

We’re just not kind enough to strangers you see. We will not kill our own family, or tribe, but it seems we never evolved a mechanism to keep us from killing strangers. “Our morality and our moral dispositions evolved to stop us from killing ourselves within our small group and to make sure that we cooperated with our small group,” says Savulescu, the Uehiro Professor of Practical Ethics at the University of Oxford. “But they didn’t evolve to provide benefits to strangers or to deal with large numbers of individuals at risk. All those features mean we’re particularly badly placed to deal with large statistical threats like the use of biological weapons or global collective action problems like climate change.”

It’s not our fault you see. It’s evolution.

So, get a jump on evolution and slice up our genes to be more empathetic to the global stranger.

It’s perhaps the most ironic of things that the article simultaneously says that this problem exists because mankind’s’ technology has outpaced his ethical ability to use it and that the way to fix this is to use technology to modify man so he cannot not be ethical. In their twisted world view technology is both the problem and the solution.

I believe that there is evil in the world. Some people don’t. They shield themselves from it or they parse everything out so that evil seems reasonable. I’m not one of those people. I fully understand that evil exists in the world. I know that a person who thinks it’s a good idea to genetically modify human beings to make them more compliant to their own ethical beliefs – is evil. They would rob, not only the individual of their right to self-determination but the entire human race for all time.

I believe this is an ancient battle, the one of good over evil. The evil wants to force men and the good wants to let them choose. They may choose wrong and they may face punishment for that wrong but it’s honest and real and earned. The evil seeks to erase the good, not by making the good do wrong things, but by making it so man can’t even know what wrong is.


Humans can’t be trusted to save the species. Maybe engineering them to be more moral is the answer.

Source: The Case for Genetically Engineering Ethical Humans

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