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The Black Klansman, Based on a True Story

This new Spike Lee movie is based on a true story. A black police officer in the late 1970’s went undercover and infiltrated the KKK. Sounds like a Dave Chappelle sketch I know, but it really happened. He made contact over the phone and built a relationship that way. Then, when it came time to meet with them a white officer stood in for him.

Today, the KKK is a virtually meaningless organization with few members to its name. Thought to have nearly 4 million members at its peak today’s Klan is spread out over 22 states with only about 3000 members between them and that number includes those who are not officially affiliated with the Klan itself but share ideology with them. So that small number is padded. I’m glad for that. Glad to see an organization that was once powerful and murderous reduced to just a handful of outcasts.

Spike Lee manages to address the serious nature of racism while still finding the humor in racism. That’s something today’s leftists can’t stand. So I’m curious to see if his movie is received well or not. Though the movie is about the Klan there are scenes in the trailer that indicate it is also set alongside the black power movement. One side chanting “white power” and the other “black power”. It shows how foolish either group is. We live in a world where the government is creeping in our lives and it benefits from division. If we shout power to one group or the other we forget to shout “power to the people” which is the real foundation of our country.

The Founding Fathers may have been far from clean when it comes to racism, they may not have included blacks in “we the people” but their idea was sound and today we include all people and some in power wish we didn’t.

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