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That David Hogg Video that was Removed by Facebook

Facebook removed my post which contained the below video. They simply said it was in violation of their standards. They were not specific about which standards, they did not specify what about the video, or my text, was in violation, nor did they provide any opportunity to grieve the decision to remove it.

It is not my desire to offend. Meaning I do not try to be provocative or poke sticks at bears just to get clicks or likes. If were that kind I would have more than 800 likes by now. I don’t want to play the clickbait game. I want actual content provided to real people who would like to discuss it in an earnest way. If this video is offensive, I am curious to know why. In a very simple way it makes the point. It portrays to the mind just what I believe we are seeing go on in America. Emotion, over logic, leads to dictators. Violating human rights leads to dictators. They are not marching for their lives, they are marching for your guns. They are marching for the sense of power it gives them to be in the spotlight and a hunger for more of that drives them on. The video that was removed makes that point without any effort. Without even saying anything. It speaks for itself – in German.

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