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Terrorists Training in New Mexico?

You might be excused for thinking this photo is a photo of evil Santa from the hood. The hat and beard aside, this isn’t evil Santa but rather a different kind of evil. This is Sheikh Omar Abdel-Rahman, known as “The Blind Sheihk” in the US. He was a convicted terrorist who died in prison at the start of last year. I bring this up because of a case currently in the news.
Siraj Ibn Wahhaj was the man arrested in New Mexico in connection with the abuse of young men we’ve heard were being trained to perform school shootings. His father was a character witness for The Blind Sheihk and was an un-indicted co-conspirator in the World Trade Center bombing.
The first I heard about the story in New Mexico was when Maria Buffington commented on a post with it. It’s odd that I haven’t heard about something so major. My news feed is full of resources that generally keep me covered. I go through hundreds of stories EVERY DAY. So for something not to be in my feed is just odd. So I hunted it down using the very scarce information in the story Maria shared. The first sign of it I had was actually a story complaining about the same thing I was complaining about – the main stream media didn’t cover it.
As I dug more and found the above connection and information that the arrested man has ties to Islamic extremism. Though I haven’t yet found a story confirming that the camp discovered in New Mexico is indeed a terrorist training camp I feel I should be excused for suggesting that it was given the history of the man involved. Time will tell of course if I am correct or not but it may be we have discovered a terrorist training camp on US soil. 

That doesn’t surprise me so much as the fact that the media seems loath to ever cover anything of the sort.

They seem to have an aversion to covering terrorism or anything at all that might shed an unflattering light on Islam. I have never been able to figure out just why. The book A Paradoxical Alliance tries to explain this. In my review of that book I ask the question, “How can the left love something that hates them and stands in total opposition to everything they believe in and hold dear?” I still marvel that this is true. They really do seem to love Islam, or at least hold it in some position of reverence to which they will not utter a harsh word. Some may say that they do this because they are fearful. I suppose that might be true except they don’t seem to act like people afraid, but rather like people enamored.
The closest the book comes to explaining this for me is in the line, “They [the left] cannot and will not admit that cultural diversity includes values that are incompatible with any other value system.” This is to say that if they admit that radical Islam is bad to the core then they must admit that not all cultures are equal. Some cultures just might be better than others. So when a story comes up that really may be earth shattering they ignore it rather than face the single element of the story that doesn’t sit well with them.
“Hakima Ramzi, the mother of the missing toddler, told authorities that her estranged husband, the younger Mr. Wahhaj, had abducted the boy late last year after saying he was taking the boy to a park in Jonesboro, Ga. Ms. Ramzi said Mr. Wahhaj had taken the boy with the aim of performing an Islamic alternative healing ritual known as ruqya, a form of prayerful meditation which is sometimes thought to mend damage from witchcraft.”
For most, reading that last paragraph tends to make them think this man was extreme and unusual and perhaps even a little “wacky”. The left can’t admit that when it comes to Islam even though I think we can safely say that if a Christian said they were going to use alternative healing to repair damage from witchcraft the left would have plenty to say.
I am most certainly not one to knock religions, as you well know, but when a religion has aspects that are harmful then I must speak out against at the very least those parts that are bad. I am also not one to complain that Christians get a knocked too much. I think Christians can handle it. As an aside, persecution is part of Christianity. That’s no excuse to persecute them, but to be persecuted for one’s faith, in Christianity, is something that has traditionally strengthened the faithful. In Islam, it seems to set off a Jihad.

That, and the story doesn’t fit well with their notions of gun control either.

If there are people training to shoot up schools the idea of gun control in relation to school shootings must go out the window. We must admit at this point, if that was indeed the training occurring at this camp, that schools must be protected with guns. To say for a moment that gun control is the answer stands as utterly absurd in the face of active terrorism at our doorstep.
This the left cannot abide. So they will ignore this story for as long as they can. When I say ignore, I don’t mean to say they won’t put it on the news or publish a story about it. They will. They always do at least once so they can say they did if anyone calls them on it. But think about how much coverage they give other issues then you understand that one news story is the same as ignoring it. This is especially true when you take into consideration the nature of this story. This is no small story but rather one of national importance and it should be talked about at length.
I know that there will be those who cover this story as a means to bash Islam, and those who will ignore it as a means to protect it. I have no desire to do either of those things. I believe this story should be told because it represents a real danger to our society. I think it represents more than the sum of its parts. It’s not just a horrible father who kidnapped his son, it’s not just a horrible man who held people in terrible squalor and starvation, it’s not just a Branch Davidian-type compound protected by guns. It’s all those things to be sure, but taken together it represents an ideology of murder that the man meant to take beyond his own warped mind into the minds of others, of children, to be taken out as murder on other children. That concerns us all, left or right, that concerns us all.
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