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Teachers CAN be trusted with kids & guns

If teachers can't be trusted with a gun why do we trust them with our children?
I believe that a man like the coach, who put his body between children and bullets could have been trusted with a gun. A man of that constitution and personal resolve could have shot back. He saved those kids with his own body because he wasn’t afforded the opportunity to do it any other way.
Allowing teachers to voluntarily carry a gun is not the same thing as arming teachers. I’ve been hearing that phrase, “we can’t arm teachers!” all over the place. To my knowledge I haven’t heard a single person say we should “arm teachers” which means issuing them a handgun and telling them they will carry it. Instead what people are talking about in relation to teachers is simply lifting the current law so that those teachers who want to conceal carry, can.
Are there hazards associated with this? Yes, of course, but objectively few. As long as the gun remains on the teacher’s person, in a holster, very few indeed. A teacher who leaves it in the bathroom, is fired immediately and that will be a clause of allowing them to carry it. Any teacher who draws down in a non-deadly force situation will be fired.
The problems I have with public education aren’t the teachers. Most of them work hard and care. We expect teachers to teach our children but don’t trust them to protect them. If they aren’t trustworthy then it really is time to do away with public education and I’m wrong about the teachers.
That’s the other issue I have, people have been saying it will be like the “wild west”. No, it won’t, it will be accompanied by rules and expectations for those who choose to carry. Though we complain that it can be hard to fire a teacher, the law would be written that in this case violation would result in termination regardless of any other stipulations of employment. Point is, there is a way to make it work and avoid mishaps. 
Creating randomness in a situation psychologically is the greatest deterrent to mass shootings. If all the planning a shooter can do still has variables that cannot be known (i.e. who else has a gun) then the whole thing becomes a gamble and the shooter is less likely to carry through. Officers are known targets and develop routines that can become known.
We’ve been beating our heads against this wondering how to stop it. Trying the same old thing won’t help. We’ve been wondering why this has been happening and why it didn’t happen in the past. I honestly think we can point to the creation of the gun free school zone as one of the major factors in creating this problem and it’s the easiest one to fix. Start there and let’s see how that goes.
Staff is armed
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