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Teachers and Teachers Unions 

Often the link I share with you all has little or nothing to do with my comment. There was just something in the article as I read it that sparked a though. In this case the article is about a teacher in Ghana who is teaching the students how to use a computer. The only problem is, they have no actual computers so he’s drawing the screen on the board and explaining to the students what it would look like if it were an actual computer. It’s a computer simulation of a different kind if you will. This got me to thinking about what makes a good teacher. One who works to education students despite a lack of resources, is a good teacher.

I’ve had chance to associate with a lot of teachers in my life. Some as a student of course, some as friends, and some professionally. I’ve learned from that anecdotal experience that most of them are fine teachers who have a strong desire to serve the students and to make sure they succeed, not in education alone, but in life. These teachers value education in a philosophical way to end the world’s problems. Have I known a few bad teachers? Why of course I have! We’ve all had them haven’t we? i think they stand out to us because they are so rare, and their existence so horrendous. When I speak of getting rid of public education it’s not the fault of teachers for the most part but rather government. Where teachers mostly are to blame is in their continued support and membership in teachers unions.

We talked the other day about how corporations are people. Well, unions are people too. When they wield undo influence we have to blame, to some degree, the people, if that influence is turned to a bad purpose. We blame the politician of course, since it is they who allowed that entity to have undo influence. A person who doesn’t like what a corporation is doing can move all their stock out of that business. Many do this so they have no part. But for teachers, things get a little tricky. In many states a teacher who does not agree with what the union is doing CAN’T drop out of it, they are forced by law to be a part. As you can imagine I find that law to be dead wrong. In a nation where free association is a right the government is violating that right and forcing them to associate, do business with, and be a part of the beliefs of a group they may not agree with.

There aren’t any group rights. There are only individual rights. When I talk about the power a corporation or union has it is only in the expression of those individual rights funneled through a mouthpiece. That’s common practice. The whole is not greater than the parts and shouldn’t be. So when I talk about corporations being people I am not saying they should have more power than the individual number of people associated with them. But this can only be true when the people involved are involved voluntarily.

We have an education problem in America. I feel that public education needs to go away. There is often some discussion on how much teachers get paid. I think that should be like anything else, based on merit. If a teacher is worth $100,000 a year, they should get paid that. But under a public education system they will never, ever, rise above the mediocrity that is built into the profession by the unions.

I feel that teacher’s unions are largely to blame, as is public education, for America’s education problem, and for the fact that teachers are stuck in a system in which they cannot excel or prosper. We may value our children, and we may value educating them, but public funding of education through taxation will never be able to produce a system in which education is efficient and teachers can vie for higher pay, real higher pay, not the pennies the unions flip their way.


Teacher writing on chalk board

Owura Kwadwo Hottish illustrates a window of Microsoft Word using colored chalk on a blackboard. He uses it to teach computer skills to students at the Betenase M/A Junior High School in Kumasi, Ghana. Frimpong Innocent Could you teach computer class without a computer? For Owura Kwadwo Hottish, 33, an information and communications technology teacher in Ghana, it’s his only option. At the middle school where he works, there are no computers. So using colored chalk, he painstakingly draws a version of the

Source: Computer Teacher In Ghana Has No Computers So He Draws Microsoft Word On The Blackboard : Goats and Soda : NPR

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