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A Few Words on the Current Tax Bill

Tax Reform Cartoon
Just a note on the current tax bill weaving its way through Congress. It doesn't actually cut taxes. All it does is shuffle the money around so some people pay less. They call that a tax cut. A tax cut is when the government itself receives less money from the people. In this bill they end up getting the same amount by taking more from some people and less from others. Though that is great for t...
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Treasury secretary: Pass a tax bill or markets will tank

Income Tax Cartoon from 1799
Since speculative markets grew on the mere promise of tax cuts I do not find it difficult to believe that they would tank on the failure of such to be passed by Congress. I am of the mind that only a fool would want higher taxes. I don't mind paying taxes for the things I use. I appreciate the military to defend the nation. I appreciate that the President needs a staff and as someone who loves to ...
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