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Hillary Clinton was Behind it All?

Hillary with Putin looking on with a wink
The idea that Hillary was the motivating force behind the Russia hoax (yes, we know it was a hoax) has been around for a long time. Declassified information was just released that indicates that then President Obama was briefed that Hillary was the source.  The Politico covers the story by spending the first half of the article saying this information was previously rejected so that the reader ...
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Trump, Putin, and Turning Foes to Friends

Captain America cover
Trump is being accused of committing treason by having a friendly meeting with Putin. The - what has become normal - political screams are out now that Trump has met with Putin. One thing I find interesting, and a bid odd, is the lament that Trump didn't "stand up to Putin". This is odd on two fronts to me. First is the fact that they actually don't know if that is true or not. Much of their me...
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Russia and the Hacking of the US Election

The whole so called Russian interference with the US election should never have been a story. The media decries fake news while ignoring the very fact that they are the fake news. It's like they think people are not going to notice. They point behind you and yell "look, a distraction!" they are sure people will still think they are reliable and honest. In the past that might have been true. People...
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