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Words Mean Things: Words are a Weapon

Gender Cutout
Though I honestly feel most things should be legal even when I don't think they are moral, I do not believe that the line between those things should be blurred. Parents have the right to teach their children the morality they want to instill on them and it isn't the business of schools to do so. Schools should teach academics. Sticking a child into a school by government mandate then spending the...
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The Case Against Public Education

Public education is a hammer when what you need is a socket set
It never occurred to me that public education was a bad thing. It seems that it has always existed and everyone seemed to agree that ignorance was intolerable and public education fixed that. As time went by I began to see chinks in the amour of public education. I wasn't alone in this. That public education is broken is something that both the left and the right agree on. Even teachers, dedicated...
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Textbook Banned in Connecticut for Accurate, but Insensitive Content

Slavery was bad.
Maybe Pink Floyd should have sung "we don't need no public education, we don't need no thought control..." in order to be more accurate. Attacking public education (and make no mistake that's just what I'm doing) brings immediate backlash from people. "Do you want our kids to be stupid?!" "Sure, let the Chinese just pass us up!" "How can our kids compete?" "Teachers are underpaid!" ...
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