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All the Left Offers is Misery, All Socialism Has is Pain

Bill Maher
This is not the first time that Bill Maher has said this, that he thinks if we have a recession that it would mean Trump would not get elected again. He's getting a lot of attention for saying this but in reality the entire leftist agenda is based on people doing poorly. If people are doing well, then the left has nothing. True conservatism (I have to say "true" because there are other brands) is ...
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Pro-Life Libertarians Banned Me – Unrighteous Dominion in Action

I'll ban you for a month, how bout dat?
A few days prior to posting this I was banned from the Pro-Life Libertarian Facebook page. Imagine that, little old me! Well the interesting thing isn't that I was banned, that's rather unimportant. Facebook being what it is I can find another page to visit. This video isn't made to bash them or pick on them. It's made because the admin who did the banning exhibited a certain human behavior that's...
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George Soros – Creator of Big Government – Fears Big Government

Can't stand power
I'm very glad that the left see Trump as a threat. I'm very glad to see Soros come out and say we risk dictatorship. The Founding Fathers knew that every president, every single one of them from Washington to Trump was a threat to democracy and a potential tyrant. It's about time Soros became frightened enough of a politician to understand just why the presidency is meant to be weak and meant to b...
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