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What’s with the rise in autism rates?

Mr. Rogers and Platy
The below musings were inspired by this article: Changes in gut microbiome play a role in autism development, study reveals (studyfinds.org) What causes autism? I don't think there is a single cause of autism. I don't think we are really talking about a single thing. What we call autism, I believe, is the presentation of symptoms rather than the disease itself. This isn't unique or new. Real...
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A new plastic eating bacteria teaches us that life will find a way

Pile of Plastic Garbage
Technology can do and has done some amazing things. Just a few days ago we talked about some kids to created a way to turn Styrofoam into activated carbon. We have discovered bacteria that consume oil. There are also bacteria that consume plastics. "In a report published in the journal Science, a team of Japanese researchers described a species of bacteria that can break the molecular bonds of ...
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