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Fuel Prices Determine the American Economy

Oil Tanks
I have a theory that the mortgage crisis was triggered by high gas prices. Congressional mandates to give loans set it up and high gas prices knocked it down. Fuel prices are tied into everything we do in America. Many people who shouldn't really have been given loans for homes got them anyway because the lenders were under pressure from the federal government to do so. Let's face it, banks aren't...
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Scott Pruitt – Dangerous-Drilling-Denier Put in Charge of the Hen House

Scott Pruitt is a denier
For those who voted for Donald Trump his choice of EPA chief is a sign that his campaign was more than just rhetorical, more than just the typical promise and forget politics we have all gotten used to. For those who voted against Trump his choice of EPA chief is a sign that the dark demons of Tartarus are rising to consume us all. Just what makes Scott Pruitt so horrible? He doesn't bel...
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Achates’ Opposed Piston Engine: Better than Tesla?

The below quote from this story is a truly beautiful thing. Human beings have harnessed power of an explosion to drive ourselves around the country in comfort. It's insanely cool but we don't take much time to think about it because it's so common place. It's estimated there are over 253 million cars in America. According to IHS Automotive the average age of these vehicles is 11.4 yeas. That's an ...
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