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Chuck Schumer Talks to the Dead in Gross Political Stunt

Chuck YOU Mr. Schumer
Note from Platypus Democrat Senator Chuck Schumer took to the Senate floor in one of the most smarmy and gross displays of politics I've ever seen. We platypus are generally even-tempered and more thoughtful. So I asked that primitive primate Top Monkey to come down from Indignation's Monkey Bars for a moment and give us his take on it. He's much less reserved than I am. Though I must admit my ta...
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Will She Stay or Will She Go? Pelosi’s Last Stand

"House Dems brace for Wednesday’s secret ballot on Tuesday grappling over the best course for the party’s future." It seems that there is no future for the Dems. They are no longer a national party. They hold only 4 states where the governor and legislature are Dems. There isn't much left of them. What happens to Nacy will determine what happens next. If she remains then it's a flag to every...
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