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Equality of Rights is the Road to Peaceful Coexistence

The need to see oneself as superior stems from mental illness based in low self-esteem and self-doubt. Racism is something I simply cannot understand. That is because I have a healthy sense of self and a respect and love for others. I can conceive of how someone might think their culture is better than another. Culture is a set of behaviors and beliefs. We tend to love our shared culture, the ...
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Sure Josef Stalin Murdered Your Granddad – Duh.

It's not just this fellow's grandfather that Stalin had killed. "In his book, “Unnatural Deaths in the U.S.S.R.: 1928-1954,” I.G. Dyadkin estimated that the USSR suffered 56 to 62 million "unnatural deaths" during that period, with 34 to 49 million directly linked to Stalin." Death is the fruit of communism. Misery, suffering, poverty, oppression, are the fruits of communism. It requires a const...
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