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Milo Yiannopoulos

Milo, Shapiro, and Trump are Trolls that Play to the Mob Mentality

I've brought up Milo Yiannopoulos a few times. I reviewed his book. I can't call myself a "fan" but then I don't really say that about anyone. But what I do say is that I get Milo. Meaning I understand what he's up to. That doesn't mean I'm all that clever, it just means I listen. Milo, you see, is quite upfront about what he's up to. If he's taken at face value, he's a troll. He's even named his ...
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The Scarlet P: Milo the Pedophile: Real or Imagined?

The Scarlet P
Milo the Pedophile? I've brought up Milo Yiannopoulos before. I enjoy his drive and some of his humor though I'm not what you would call a fan I do listen when he speaks because of the power with which he defends freedom. Recently, as I'm sure many are aware, he has been under condemnation from the right for comments he made relating to sex and the age of consent. To some these comments equal ...
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The Hyperbole of the Delicate Left

Leftism is no longer cool
British behavioral expert Judi James said in an interview that Trump could learn one valuable lesson from Obama, he could learn "how to cry". She indicated that this is how he could really "turn people around quite quickly their feelings towards him." A well placed tear, a slightly protruding lower lip with just the right amount of quivering and oh how the people will love you! Being tough, talkin...
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Free Speech: A Tale of Trademarks, a Rooster, and a Dangerous Faggot

Milo is Dangerous
Let's make sure we understand right up front that the first amendment was designed to protect "hate" speech. That is the point of the first amendment. Speech that is acceptable doesn't need protecting. There's no one out there telling people not to say the things that everyone wants to hear, makes them feel warm and fuzzy, or that follow the party line. It's the speech that people don't like that ...
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