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Trump signs ‘right to try’ drug bill – Might Save Lives Might Take Them

Spoon full of pills
I wanted to mention something that Congress and Trump did right. Anytime a bill is signed by the president it has to first be passed by both houses of congress. Any bill, therefore, is either a collective pat on the back or a collective kick in the crotch for all involved. In my opinion this one is a collective pat. "On Wednesday, President Trump signed the "right-to-try” bill, which now permits t...
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Healthcare is not a Right and Government Can’t Run Your Life

This is not your slave
"What do you want to be when you grow up Billy?" "I want to be a doctor!" "Well, isn't that nice. If you work hard and keep your grades up, I bet you can do it." And so Billy does just that. Billy is driven by this idea of what he wants to be when he grows up. In high school he earns a place on the honor roll and a scholarship to university. He works heard to keep his GPA high and studies most...
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