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Las Vegas Strip Shooter – As a Species We Need Answers

Diagram of Shooting Scene
We are learning more about the murderer in Las Vegas but not much. The Sheriff said in a press conference that he did not believe Paddock acted alone. Though he did not elaborate much other than to say his reasoning was based on the complexity of the crime. That much firepower, the perch, the knocking out of the window, etc. These were things that seemed Herculean and would require assistance to ...
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9/11 Mastermind: A Reason for War?

The only righteous war is a war to protect rights. I've come to say that frequently of late. The right to life and liberty are the two especially and continually under assault by some despot, dictator, or crazy. Khalid Sheik Mohammed, usually just called KSM, is one such crazy. Make no mistake, his brand of evil isn't based on anything other than mental illness. He uses one excuse or another to co...
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