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Democrats: Your Message isn’t the Problem But There IS a Problem

I realize that pretty much everyone and their mother has analyzed why the Democrats have been losing so badly. Notice I didn't say lost. I wasn't talking about just the presidential election. The Democrat party has been losing for over a decade now. They have lost in local and congressional elections to the point where many pundits no longer consider them a national party but rather a marginal one...
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Will She Stay or Will She Go? Pelosi’s Last Stand

"House Dems brace for Wednesday’s secret ballot on Tuesday grappling over the best course for the party’s future." It seems that there is no future for the Dems. They are no longer a national party. They hold only 4 states where the governor and legislature are Dems. There isn't much left of them. What happens to Nacy will determine what happens next. If she remains then it's a flag to every...
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