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A Paradoxical Alliance by Jack Buckby and Matt Palumbo

A paradoxical alliance cover art
Normally my book recommendations are short and sweet with just enough explanation of the book to get you going. This post differs from those in that it not only is a recommendation but is a commentary partly on the book itself and partly on the subject the book covers. I apologize to the authors of the book in advance for a review that is not entirely focused on their book. However, since I feel t...
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Pope Francis Hurries to Reshape the Church

When I read a headline about the Pope racing against time to reshape the Catholic church my first thought is "oh, boy! what's this going to look like?" Then, I read the article and read that it's going to look like this, "Francis is trying to build a Roman Catholic Church that emphasizes inclusion and mercy, and focuses on serving poor and marginalized people." Which means that's not it's fo...
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