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Four Arizona police officers put on leave after video shows man’s beating

Mesa Police
By now you have likely heard about this case involving the Mesa, Arizona Police Department. I have heard many people defending the police because the suspect didn't comply with their commands and was clearly being "a jerk". It is wise when a police officer tells you to sit down to actually sit down. It is wise when the police are engaging with you to at least act like you actually care. The suspec...
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Black Lives Matter | Make this Christmas a Black Xmas

black woman in BLM tshirt
Have any of you ever doubted for one moment that black lives do matter? Did you have to be told? There are those who wonder why people are offended at the name "Black Lives Matter". Well, it's because it's insulting and racist. It insults the integrity of people and singles out one race. That it is racist is made clear by the efforts of the group. Take this latest, a "Black Xmas". The idea ...
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Do you Kill them? Banish them? Put them in Jail?

Though the recent torture of an innocent man in Chicago is the root of my thoughts, this missive isn't actually about that. Rather it's about what to do with such people. It's a very serious question we, as a society, must ask ourselves. What do we do with people who kidnap and torture innocent people? In our anger we are likely to say kill them or if more calmly tempered like Montel William...
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Bias Has No Place In Justice – This Juror Should Have Been Replaced

Walter Scott Shooting
It seems that supporting the police is now a terrible thing to do. I got this reply to one of my comments on a Facebook page. It drips with condescension and loathing and for what? Because I wrote two articles on two cases where the police were accused and the evidence showed they weren't guilty. Many, if not most, of the cases put forward and examined in the light of Black Lives Matter hav...
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“Hands Up Don’t Shoot” Was a Lie & Why That Matters

Speaking of the "Hands up Don't Shoot" mantra,  the Washington Post wrote, "This phrase became a rallying cry for Ferguson residents, who took to the streets to protest the fatal shooting of a black 18-year-old by a white police officer, Darren Wilson." (Lee, 2015) But as the article acknowledges the "Hands up Don't Shoot" mantra used by Black Lives Matter flowing out of Furgeson was a lie. It nev...
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No Charges for Charlotte Officer is Justice Served

I am most certainly aware that police work in the United States needs some reform. Many departments are doing this on their own. The city of Phoenix Police Department has set the national standard with its de-escalation training which not only drew the attention of Attorney General Loretta Lynch but other departments across the country. Much of what police face is simply due to an over abundance o...
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Why Does Black Lives Matter Love Castro?

The Enemy of my Enemy
Orwell wrote, “One does not establish a dictatorship in order to safeguard a revolution; one makes the revolution in order to establish the dictatorship.” It's very hard to understand how someone who isn't an actual family member of Castro could mourn his passing. He represents a perfect example of what Orwell was talking about. He rebelled against Batista, against one dictator, to just bec...
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