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Afghanistan – Stay together for the children?

Afghanistan a divorce story
"No Matter The Timing, Withdrawing From Afghanistan Was Wrong " - that's the headline. I suppose that is a point of view we have to address because there are reasons to have stayed. At this point I still suspect we will go back. But, time will tell on that front. I am assuming that "no matter" in this headline is hyperbole. If taken on face value the only option would be to make Afghanistan a US t...
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Transcript of Trump Telephone Call

Well...here it is...the transcript of "the call". I don't think there can be any other conclusion than - Trump didn't do anything wrong. The call is mild. There is no pressure. Biden's own video bragging is much worse than anything Trump says in this. Trump for his part is really just asking them to do something that should have been done before and would have been done before if Biden had not...
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